Turkey is a gorgeous country that embodies rich culture, heritage, arts, and antics to the mesmerizing beauty of stunning landscapes. A captivating blend of quaint and modernity, the capital city of Ankara has every reason to attract a plethora of tourists to relish and experience world-class hospitality. From the moreish Turkish cuisines served in the sumptuous restaurants to colorful souvenirs in the vibrant markets, a holiday in Ankara is a sheer delight. Embracing numerous lavish shopping malls and traditional local bazaars, shopping in Ankara will surely uplift your holiday mood. Want to know about the souvenirs and markets? Keep reading!

Shopping in Ankara: What and Where to Buy?

Shopping in Ankara: What and Where to Buy

Located in central Anatolia, Ankara, the capital of Turkey is worth every visit. Attracting tourists with astonishing museums, beautiful Mosques, and delectable cuisines, the city beholds a myriad of surprises for a gladsome holiday. From the fascinating souvenirs in the local bazaars to international brands in the opulent malls, shopping in Ankara will let you collect the best of memories. Here is a list of the best places in the city where one can enjoy a perfect shopping spree.

  1. Kızılay
  2. Tunali Street
  3. Kavaklıdere
  4. Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu
  5. Samanpazari
  6. Ulus
  7. Dosim
  8. Izmir Street

1. Kızılay


Situated in the heart of Ankara, Kizilay is a perfect destination to explore the rich Turkish culture and indulge in a shopping spree. Featuring many malls in Turkey, the place is also famous for lining up boutiques and cafes in bustling streets. Visit the chestnut tree-lined street of Atatürk Boulevard to explore the bookshops, delicatessen, arcades, and more for a blissful experience. An impressive shopping locale, Kızılay offers a fantastic range of stores selling clothes, cosmetics, groceries, home décor, handicrafts, Turkish souvenirs, and more. It is one of the most crowded marketplaces in Ankara with an enthusiastic atmosphere.

What to Buy: Clothes, books, cosmetics, groceries, home décor, handicrafts, Turkish souvenirs, and food

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2. Tunali Street

Tunali Street

One of the best markets in Ankara, Tunali Street is a gorgeous city in the capital city. Lined with a plethora of vibrant shops, boutiques, and cafes, the street is a must to shop for the best souvenirs. For those who prefer shopping in the open air, Tunali Street is a place for you. One can buy all kinds of stuff like home décor, skincare, clothes, perfumes, electronics, and more from the posh market. Although the price here is quite high, bargaining makes a difference.

What to Buy: Tote bags, perfumes, handicrafts, clothes, electronics, and cosmetics

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3. Kavaklıdere


If you are looking for a vibrant shopping street brimmed with exciting souvenirs to enchant your senses, Kavaklıdere is one of the best places to enjoy shopping in Ankara, Turkey. Stroll around and explore the upmarket boutiques, modern stores, patisseries, and gift shops. Renowned for its central shopping street, Kavaklıdere is brimmed with stunning bridal shops, deluxe stores, cosmetics, electronics, and more for an ideal shopping spree. Visit Tunali Street to savor most delectable cuisines and delve into the Turkish culture in the iconic bazaars.

What to Buy: Branded clothes, cosmetics, eatables, electronics, footwear, and bridal stuff

4. Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu

Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu

Thinking about a fabulous local shopping experience where one can buy the best souvenirs? Offering almost every souvenir from handmade jewelry to traditional clothes, handbags, and colorful scarfs, the most popular open-air bazaar of Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu is a huge tourist attraction. The bazaar is also famous for traditional Turkish copper goods, antiques, textiles, carpets, and jewelry. One can wander around the cobblestone streets and witness old Ottoman houses for a unique experience. There are many cafes and retro eateries making it one of the best shopping places in Ankara.

What to Buy: Turkish spices, hand-woven textiles, leather goods, jewelry, copper items, carpets, and dry fruits

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5. Samanpazari


Exploring and shopping for antiques is one of the best things to do in Turkey. If you are looking to buy authentic handmade jewelry, carpets, perfumes, home decor, traditional clothes, and utensils, visit the vibrant street of Samanpazari. One can feel the blissful energy of the bustling street at the nearby cafes and eateries serving the most delectable Turkish cuisine. The main attraction of the bazaar is the famous antique shops. Nearby the fortress entrance, walk in the direction opposite the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations along Atpazari Sokak downhill and you’ll find many antique shops.

What to Buy: Antiques, home décor, traditional clothes, and perfumes

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6. Ulus


Ulus, Ankara shopping street adorns numerous vibrant shops offering affordable goods. One can buy numerous kinds of antiques, home décor, handicrafts, textiles, footwear, bags, home accessories, and more for a blissful shopping spree. Adorned with an indoor maze of market stalls, the shopping place is a top tourist attraction. Stroll around and delve deep into the rich culture by savoring flavorsome cuisines in traditional restaurants in Turkey for a soul-feeding experience.

What to Buy: Antiques, home décor, handicrafts, textiles, bags, and home accessories

7. Dosim


Dosim is a beautiful Turkish market offering quality souvenirs to tourists. From handicrafts, carpets, and kilims, to traditional outfits and more, the marketplace is run by the Ministry of Culture. The excellent quality of products will surely put a smile on the face of your loved ones. The colorful handmade clothing, bags, and home décor are a must to buy. Explore the nearby traditional cafes to enchant your taste buds after a soothing shopping delight.

What to Buy: Handicrafts, carpets, kilims, and traditional outfits

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8. Izmir Street

Izmir Street

Famous for its quality leather products, Izmir Street is a stunning place to shop in Ankara. Lying on the Kizilay, the central district of Ankara, the street is brimmed with various shops where you can bargain and get souvenirs at affordable prices. The lined stalls offer the best footwear in the city. One can choose from a plethora of designs and colors and get the best quality bags, belts, and shoes. Nearby attractions include the food stalls serving flavorsome snacks and beverages is something one just can't afford to miss.

What to Buy: Shoes and leather products

Every trip is incomplete without shopping for the best souvenirs. There is a plethora of places to enjoy Shopping in Ankara for a blissful experience like never before. Tourists can stroll around and explore the best quality colorful handicrafts, home accessories, décor items, perfumes, cosmetics, footwear, tote bags, and whatnot from the array of shops lined on the bustling streets. Also, the nearby restaurants and cafes will definitely delight your senses. So, what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of the best tour packages of Turkey and enjoy shopping for the most beautiful gifts.  


Q1. What are the best places to enjoy shopping in Ankara, Turkey?

There are many shops in Ankara, Turkey to let you enjoy a perfect shopping spree. It includes:

  • Kızılay
  • Tunali Street
  • Kavaklıdere
  • Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu
  • Samanpazari
Q2. What are the best souvenirs one can buy from Kızılay in Ankara, Turkey?

One can shop for various amazing things including clothes, books, cosmetics, groceries, home décor, handicrafts, Turkish souvenirs and food on your trip in Turkey for a lifetime memory to cherish.

Q3. Where can I buy the best leather products in Ankara, Turkey?

The best leather products including belts, bags and shoes can be found in Izmir Street in Ankara, Turkey. Visit the vibrant street to buy the best quality products at affordable prices.

Q4. Where can I buy antique items in Ankara, Turkey?

Samanpazari in Ankara is a popular marketplace to buy the best antique items and souvenirs to gift your loved ones. Other than this, shops are brimmed with handicrafts and home décor items.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Turkey?

The best time to visit Turkey is between June and September. At this time, the weather is pleasant and perfect to explore the splendor of the city.

Q6. What are the best places to visit in Turkey?

There are many gorgeous destinations to visit in Turkey for an ideal holiday. It includes:

  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia
  • Ankara
  • Antalya
  • Bodrum
Q7. What are the best shopping malls in Ankara, Turkey?

Ankara is brimmed with numerous lavish malls to enjoy world-class shopping and dine-in. It includes:

  • ANKA Mall
  • Karum Mall
  • Galleria Ankara
  • ATG Mall
  • Podium Mall
Q8. How many days are enough to explore Ankara, Turkey?

A maximum of 3 to 4 days is enough to explore the majestic charm of Ankara in Turkey. One can stroll around to delve into the rich culture and heritage, savor delicious Turkish delights, and shop for the best souvenirs for a lifetime experience.