Have you ever thought about what defines a country? Yes, its people are a part of it, but what else could it be? A land filled with riches, the national symbols of Qatar keep its history and culture alive. The symbols define what the country is and what it stands for. People have often read about them in books or on the internet, but have never really understood the meaning behind it. So, to make things easier, why not visit the rich country and find out first hand. Pack those bags and visit Qatar to discover what defines it.

National Symbols Of Qatar For The Country’s Characteristics And Ideology

Countries across the world boast of their identity with honor, but what is their identity?  A nation’s identity defines its social construct- the collective of each country, aligning their image to the attributes of a specific nation. The history, traditions, culture, language, thinking, values, characteristics, behaviors and achievements define a nation’s identity.  Their identity gives them a sense of who they are and belonging.  It focuses on the commonality and brings people together to support shared goals.  When it comes to defining a country’s identity, the focus is laid on the Qatar national symbols like flags, emblems and mascots. It boasts their sense of shared pride.

1. National Day

National Day Qatar

National Day in Qatar is celebrated on the 18th of December, a day that signifies the country’s rich legacy.  Also known as the Founder's Day, is celebrated the 1878 commemoration of the country’s unification and celebrates the succession of Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammad Bin Thani as the leader of the tribes of Qatar. At first, it was celebrated on the 3RD September, Qatar’s independence, and the holiday was set on June 21, 2007. Each car and home in Qatar is decorated with the national flag or other patriotic symbols.

The country is a proud nation that ensures its people stay strong and united. The core values, loyalty and solidarity and pride are represented on this day. It is a reminder of the past, to celebrate the present and look forward to the future- that promises to sustain the rich heritage and identity.  Every year a variety of festive activities take place, which attract people from all over the world.

2. National Flag

Qatar National Flag

The nation’s flag has deep significance to the land and its people as it is a blend of pride, national identity and belonging. Known to many as ‘Al Adaam’, the national flag’s origin and history can be discovered through the archives at the digital library. The flag is a blend of the nation’s identity and pride, a symbol of importance and belonging.

When it comes to reading up about the flag, one will find a collection of drawings and correspondence between the British authorities about the flag. The documents on the flag date back to as early as August 1929, entitled ‘Flags flown by the Sheikh of Qatar, are a part of the archives. The colors of the flag are embedded in the nation’s history. Did you know, back in 1932, it was suggested that the government design an official red colored flag, but was declined and the color was changed to maroon instead, as the nation has a deep connection to the culture and heritage.

Qatar was added to the flag in Qatar, with red diamonds running down the serrated edge. Back in 1960, the change was reversed by His Highness Sheikh Ali bin Abdulla Al Thani, the then Emir of Qatar who had the white and purplish red color retained along with the serrated points. He had the diamonds removed along with the word ‘Qatar’. The flag signifies the culture of Qatar as it is a symbol of pride and dignity.

3. National Emblem Of Qatar

National Emblem Of Qatar

National Emblem Of Qatar is a symbol of what the nation represents, which is added to the national flag. Introduced in 1976, the national emblem of Qatar is a coat of arms. A depiction of two curved scimitar swords crossed in an upwards fashion in a yellow circle is seen on the emblem of Qatar. A dhow boat beside an island with two palm trees is seen inside the swords sailing on blue and white waves.  The yellow circle is surrounded by a circular white and maroon depiction of the Qatar flag.  The Kufic script for Qatar is seen inside the white band in black writing and the words ‘State of Qatar’ are written in white inside the maroon band.

The national emblem represents the Middle East and Arab nations and Qatar. The country’s image is depicted through the National flag while its Arab roots are depicted through the use of Kufic script. The desert landscape, the sea and the dhow sailing boat symbolize the nation’s coast and seafaring past. The nation’s vitality, growth and prosperity are seen through the palm trees, while the symbol of Islam is a reflection of the crossed scimitars, blade of the Middle East.  The emblem is a representative of the heritage and faith of Qatar. One of the most interesting things to do is to go shopping in Qatar for all kinds of souvenirs and much more.

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4. National Animal

National Animal Qatar

Have you ever stopped to think for a minute as to why Qatar is different from the rest of the world? You are in for a surprise as what you are about to learn, will leave you mesmerized. Qatar’s national animal is a symbol of the values and characteristics of the country. The national animal is selected based on their attributes and as per the traditions, the culture or mythology. The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Qatar, Jordon, Oman, UAE and Bahrain. The special animal is a species of antelope that lived for years along the Arabian Peninsula, which was hunted for its meat and hide by the Bedouins.  In 1972, with the advent of firearms and motorized vehicles and hunting for pleasure, the Arabian Oryx was declared extinct.  In 1980, the Oryx was brought back to Qatar with efforts of conservation and a reintroduction program.

The national animal is known to adjust in the inhospitable desert environment as it walks for hours to find food and water during the day. From a great distance, it has the ability to detect rainfall and with water scarcity, the animal is known to sustain themselves with dew drops that form on the surface of the plants. The Oryx is part of the nation’s heritage and is a symbol of peace, adaptability, endurance and resilience. The people have endured and adjusted to harsh weather conditions, and economic declines or regional disputes. Their ability to rise and succeed through adversity is remarkable. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Arabian Oryx is one of the most precious animals or a mascot that represents the country.

5. National Bird

National Bird Qatar

The national bird of Qatar is the falcon, where the tradition and culture is falconry. Even though the saker falcons and their prey houbara are given a lot of respect, the desert life is slowly vanishing.  Like camel racing and horse riding, falconry is a traditional quest in most parts of the Middle East. Hunting for fresh meat was the primary purpose of falconry, which has now become a traditional sport. Peregrine and Saker are the popular falcons used for hunting, trapped during their autumn migration.  They are used for hunting and then realized in the wild. If people ever want to get a closer look of the bird, they can go visit the Falcon Souq.  The falcon is said to be the fastest flying bird in the Middle East.

If you ever visit Qatar, do ensure you get a chance to see the art of falconry. It is a tradition that is only found in the Middle East, which will leave you awe struck. Such opportunities should not be missed, as these are things that make a vacation memorable.

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6. National Flower

Qatar National Flower

Are you found of flowers and like to read up about them? Well, just like any other country, the national flower of Qatar is the Limonium, found close to the coast, used to decorate homes and other places.  It is one of the most beautiful flowers that offer a stunning sight, only found in the Middle East. So, if you ever plan to visit Qatar, ensure you find out where you can see the flower. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to learning so much about one of the richest countries in the Middle East.

7. National Attire

National Attire

The national attire for men in Qatar is the Thobe, a white long robe like clothing or tunic that covers the entire body from the wrists right down to the ankles. The top half of the attire is custom designed like a shirt, that reaches the ankles and is loose in fitting.  Sirwal is a white pair of loose trousers that always worn underneath the thobe. The attire has been a part of the culture of years, which has been retained even today all age groups.

The national attire for women in Qatar is the Abaya, worn when they go out. The abaya, a black colored attire, is a representation of religious devotion and symbol of the Arabian culture. One will get a glimpse of the various shades of black worn by women. With time, the Abaya has become a fashion statement with various designs and variations available in the market. The garment is worn for the sole purpose of covering the entire body. Most women are often seen wearing a hijab, a headscarf which is tied around the hair, to ensure no strand of hair is seen. To cover both the head and face, most women wear a niqab, which a matter of personal choice or tradition.

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8. National Airline

National Airline

Did you know that Qatar has its own national airline? Like any other nation in the world, the national airline of Qatar is Qatar airways, the youngest to serve all 6 continents and over 160 destinations. It is a fleet of the latest generation aircraft, with the best service from home and hub, which functions from its base at Hamad international Airport, an airport in Qatar. Qatar Airways is owned by the government, which was established in 1993 and then re-launched in 1997. It is one of the finest and of course the best in the middle east. If you ever plan to visit Qatar, ensure you fly with Qatar airways.  With such luxury at one’s feet, what more can you ask for?

9. National Religion

National Religion
Image Credit

The national religion of Qatar is Islam and most Qataris are Sunni Muslims. One of the most unique things about the country is that there is religious freedom. The constitution encourages its people to associate with people from all over the world. Besides Muslims, the nation has Christians and Hindus, and Buddhist living with them. It is one of the many fascinating things about Qatar, which people should know or at least learn about.

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10. National Tree

National Tree

Also known as Ziziphus Spina Tree, the sidra tree is the national tree of Qatar and iconic symbol of the country’s heritage. It consumes less water and can grow up to 500 meters and is known to have been around for generations. People can find the tree in several parts of the world like Africa and Jerusalem as it is known for its unique texture. The fruits that grow on the tree are edible and the seeds have a small oblong woody pit, which can be eaten including the rock hyrax.  The national tree is known for its comfort in the harsh desert environment.

When one talks about the symbols of a nation, one automatically thinks of the history, the culture, the traditions and heritage. Qatar is one the richest countries in the middle east defined by its national symbols, which most of us have read about in books.  The symbols of the nation make Qatar the ideal holiday destination for tourists from around the world. These are things that one can only see and discover closely when on vacation. With so much to explore, what more can anyone ask for? Visting the Middle East seems like a fairy tale, which of course should be experienced at least o, which of course should be experienced at least once. So, go ahead and book your flights to Qatar, right away.


Q1. What is the national bird of Qatar?

Falcon is the national bird of Qatar and the traditions and culture followed it Falconry. Like camel racing and horse riding, the traditional quest in most parts of the Middle East is falconry. The main idea behind falconry, a traditional sport is hunting for fresh meat. Peregrine and Saker are the popular falcons used for hunting, trapped during their autumn migration.

Q2. What makes the Arabian Oryx the national animal in Qatar?

The Arabian Oryx is chosen based on its attributes, as per the mythology and traditions. It is a species of antelope that is said to have lived for years along the Arabian Peninsula, hunted for its meat and hide by the Bedouins. The national animal was once declared extinct in 1972 and was brought back with efforts of conservation. One of the most unique qualities about the animal is it is known to adjust in an inhospitable desert environment as it can walk for hours to find food during the day.

Q3. When is Qatar national Day celebrated?

Celebrated on the 18th of December, the national day in Qatar, also known as Founder's Day, signifies the rich legacy of the country.

Q4. What is the national attire for both men and women?

The national attire for men in Qatar is the Thobe, a white long robe like clothing or tunic and Abaya is the attire for women, worn when going out. The attire is one the national symbols of Qatar

Q5. Which is the National tree of Qatar?

The sidra tree is the national tree of Qatar, also known as Ziziphus Spina Tree. The tree is an iconic symbol of the country’s heritage which has been around for generations. It can grow up to 500 meters, which is one of the most unique things about the tree.

Q6. Which is the national airline in Qatar?

Qatar airways is the national airline that functions from its base at the Hamad International airport. It said to be one of the youngest to serve all 6 continents and over 160 destinations.

Q7. Which is the best time to visit Qatar?

The best time to visit Qatar is between December and February as the weather is pleasant.

Q8. Is it worth visiting Qatar with family and friends?

Visiting one the richest countries in the world is worth it, at least once. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, that has a lot in store for its tourists.