Mosques are one of the most highlighted features of Islamic nation, and are believed to be sacred places where humans spiritually connect with their creator. In Middle eastern countries, Islam is the most prominent religion and thus mosques are assumed to be a significant and integral part of their lives. Mosques in Qatar are said to have an extremely important spot that profoundly focuses on developing the network, fellowship and solidarity. Being an Islamic nation Qatar has more than 2000 beautiful mosques. The mosques are a blend of history, faith and art. The alluring designs of these mosques will leave you mesmerized.

Imam Muhammad Bin Abdulwahhab Mosque

Imam Muhammad Bin Abdulwahhab Mosque

The mosque was formerly known as the State Grand Masjid which was further renamed after a Muslim reformer Imam Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab. He was a pioneer during 18th century and educated people to follow the preaching of Quran and sunnah. The mosque is highly distinguished by the arcade and its unique building design. The Grand Mosque is the biggest mosque in Qatar covering up 175,164 square meters, that is an area enough to accommodate approximately 11,000 men and 1,200 women in the separate special area that is adjacent to the central hall for women.

The Mosque is fully air-conditioned and spacious. The ceilings are domed and well-designed with royal chandeliers, illuminating the spaces that adds charm to the beauty of the mosque at sunset.  The interiors exude a tranquil radiance advancing the beauty and aura of the masjid. The prayer hall has royal lush carpets ensuring the comfort of the worshippers. The Grand Mosque is situated in the Jubailat area in Doha on Al Mohandiseen Street. It is very close to the Corniche, and is built on a large hill for a farsighted visibility.

Katara Mosque

Katara Mosque

Katara mosque is also referred to as the blue mosque of Katara because, unlike other typical masjids that can be seen around the city, it reflects a blue radiance due to the glass mosaics and hand printed ceramic tiles.

It is designed by Turkish mosque designer, Zainab Fadil Oglu and is one of the most beautiful mosques in Qatar. The design is an output of inspiration from few well renowned mosques present in various capitals of the world. The fact remains undeterred that the Katara mosque is equally important for tourists as it is for the worshippers.

The mosque incorporates mosaic patterns that are formed by the combination of Arabic calligraphy displaying religious and traditional scriptures. The element in the mihrab, minaret and domes of the Katara Mosque along with the calligraphic panels is 24K gold leafed glass mosaic tiles.

The design pattern has shape of an Islamic star, it is extremely compelling that the minaret is separated from the mosque, and the central part has 9 domes that are beautifully crafted with artistic detailed work.

If you really want to explore the culture of Qatar then you must pay a visit the mosques and understand the religious and historic values. But before that you must remember that visitors are only allowed to enter the mosque during non-prayer times and in order to pay respect to the religious sentiment, they are not allowed to click picture and record videos inside the mosque.

Education City Mosque Qatar

Education City Mosque Qatar

The Education city mosque is positioned at the main entrance of the city and can hold approximately 1800 worshippers in its hall and the courtyard. The exteriors elevation of the mosque is covered with embossed verses from Quran. The Education city mosque Qatar has a stunning design including five large columns that represent 5 pillars of Islam. The main challenge while designing the mosque was that, the space allocated for calligraphy mostly included the minarets that are vertical while the Arabic font is horizontal. Keeping the readability and the design intact, the designers kept the verses vertical that could be read with movement of eyeball.

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Msheireb Mosque

Msheireb Mosque

Msheireb mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Qatar, the design is the fusion of history and modernist approach of Islamic values. The design theme uses local stones and craft techniques. The concept of the mosque is inspired from traditional Qatari mosque and follows the path of simplicity, functionality and spirituality with a combination of modern nudge. The most challenging issue during the construction execution of the mosque was to make sure that the entrance to the hall, and the interior space were able to be accessed separately by men and women as per the Islamic customs.

Hamad Airport Mosque

Hamad Airport Mosque

Hamad Airport Mosque is a profoundly astonishing masjid at Qatar with modern architecture. It has a circular glass building for praying and a tall minaret. The dome-shaped roof is the most distinguishing feature of the mosque. The entire ceiling is dome-shaped, unlike other mosques that are partially domed. Another feature of the mosque is, its glass design and the elegant circular pattern resembling a flower. The mosque is located just outside the passenger terminal, at a walking distance from the departure hall.  If you wish to pray at the Doha airport mosque you can easily reach the praying hall after completing the immigration.

Spiral Mosque

Spiral Mosque

Spiral mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Centre, has been recently constructed. In less than no time it has become one of most renowned landmark of Doha. This mosque is just a replica of the Great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Samarra in Iraq and this is the reason why it is not considered as a traditional Qatari mosque. Spiral mosque is located in Souqs area, which is situated in the proximity of Corniche Street.  In Qatar, masjids are made in such lavish style with royal extravaganza that not only these holy places are visited for worshipping but have become fantastic tourist attractions.

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Mosque Etiquettes If You Are Non Muslim

Mosque Etiquettes If You Are Non Muslim

1. Don't forget to contact the authority for confirming about visiting hours.

2. Remember to wear modest clothes that cover the whole body. Women are required to wear headscarf before entering the mosque.

3. Mosque is a sacred place, avoid any misconduct while you are in there.

4. Place your shoes on the shoe racks while you take them before entering.

5. If you have entered the mosque during prayer time, do not disturb the worshipper. Screaming, shouting, photography and videography are prohibited.

6. Environment of Mosques is extremely quite, keep your phone switched off to maintain the tranquility.

7. Tourist groups, special visits and visits for discovering Islam, are to be planned according to required procedures two days before the visit, and in case of cancellation, the mosque should be notified accordingly.

8. Eatables are not allowed in the mosque, drinking water is available inside the mosque.

Visiting Qatar is a dream to many, if you also dream of relishing the beauty of Qatar you must see the divine architecture of irresistibly enticing mosques in Qatar. Qatar is a beautiful country it’s culture, tradition and exquisite delicacies are the reason why is a must visit for those who love exploring. If you are planning an excursion, you have plenty of things to do in Qatar. Either it’s with your spouse or entire family, fun is guaranteed.


Q1. How many Mosques are there in Qatar?

Qatar is a home for more than 2000 mosques. The exact number was 2000 in the survey conducted in 2017.

Q2. Which is the biggest mosque in Qatar?

The Imam Muhammad Bin Abdulwahhab Mosque is the biggest mosque in Qatar. It can approximately accommodate more than 2000 worshippers in the prayer hall that are separate for men and women.

Q3. Where is the state Grand Mosque in Qatar?

The mosque is in Al Mohandiseen Street, Doha in the south of the Corniche. It is very close to the Qatar Sports Club. The area has english speaking locals which make it easier for the Travellers to explore the area conveniently.

Q4. What is Islamic culture center Qatar?

Qatar has Al-Fanar Islamic Cultural Center which is an Islamic culture Centre. It offers crash courses to non-Muslim visitors who wish to explore Islamic culture.

Q5. Can non- Muslims visit mosques in Qatar?

The beauty of the mosques in Qatar is beyond compare. The artistic architecture attracts many tourists. The Mosques are equally important for tourist as they are for worshippers.

Q6. Are there any etiquettes and rules for non-Muslim Mosque visitors In Qatar?

Non-Muslim visitors have to follow a set of rules and regulation to pay respect to religious places. They must be dressed modestly avoiding skimpy and revealing clothes. Photography and videography are prohibited. The visitors are not allowed to wear shoes inside the mosque.

Q7. Do you need to cover your head while visiting the mosque in Qatar?

Yes. You can either carry your own headscarf or the guard outside the mosque will provide scarf for those who went unprepared for the visit.

Q8. Is it allowed to take eatables inside the mosque premises?

No. Visitors are not allowed to take eatables inside the mosque. Drinking water is available inside.