Dining in Maldives is in itself an exemplary experience, but when it comes to underwater dining, no one can beat that surreal feeling. Therefore, your holiday in this country should include dining at Ithaa Undersea Maldives, which is a restaurant five meters below the surface of the ocean. You’ll be surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and unique aquatic animals as you enjoy a scrumptious meal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone must indulge in whenever they get the chance. So, enjoy the company of your loved ones and marine life as you soak in the 180° panoramic view of the sea.

Ithaa Restaurant Maldives: A Gastronomic Experience Beneath the Surface

Ithaa Restaurant Maldives
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Ithaa undersea restaurant is a part of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, and the name of this restaurant means “Mother of Pearl” in Dhivehi. Being the first underwater restaurants in Maldives, which is entirely made of glass, this place is a must visit. The awards and accolades that this restaurant has received, such as the best underwater restaurant in the world, most innovative dining experience, and the world’s most beautiful restaurant is a testament of the unforgettable experience it offers.

Ithaa underwater restaurant Maldives was opened in 2005 and can accommodate 14 people at once in its cozy and warm dining space. The top-notch service and world-class hospitality here will make your time worthwhile.

Address: JP8F+6H9, Conrad Rangali Island 20077, Maldives

Opening hours: 11 A.M to 2:30 P.M and 6:30 P.M to 10:30 P.M

How to reach: You must take a flight to Male International Airport and from there you can either board a seaplane or a motorboat to reach Conrad’s Seaplane Lounge.

Dress code: Island chic

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Dining at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Maldives

Dining at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Maldives
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The cuisine at this restaurant is absolutely exquisite, where local flavors are infused with western ingredients. You can enjoy a set Ithaa undersea restaurant Maldives menu of six-course lunch and four-course dinner. If this is not all, the restaurant is also open for mid-morning cocktails. You must try their seafood platter with caviar, grilled fish, seared scallops, and carrot mousse for dessert. The highlight is that they also pair a good glass of drink for you that would complement the dishes perfectly.

You’re in good hands when it comes to food because the Italian chef, Marco Amarone who is experienced in world cuisine would be the one preparing your dishes.

Services at Ithaa Maldives

Services at Ithaa Maldives
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The reason this restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Maldives is because of the services they offer apart from an incredible experience.

  • You can book private dining for weddings or special occasions
  • There’s an a-la carte menu
  • The service is quick and efficient
  • They offer world-class hospitality
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Things to Do at Conrad Rangali Island

Things to do at Conrad Rangali Island

There are several things to do in Maldives, one of them being watersports. So, here are some of the top watersports you can delve into on this island.

  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Glass Bottom Boat
  • Jet skiing
  • Scooter snorkeling
  • Paddle boating
  • Seabob
  • Water skiing
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Resorts near Ithaa Undersea Maldives

Resorts near Ithaa Undersea Maldives

Here are some other resorts in Maldives that you can explore when planning on dining at Ithaa underwater restaurant.

  • Radisson Blu Resort
  • Villa Park
  • White Tern
  • La Cabana
  • Drift Thelu Veliga
  • Fiyavalhu Resort
  • Villa Haven
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Travel Tips for Ithaa Restaurant Male

Travel Tips for Ithaa Restaurant Male

Here are a few tips you must keep in mind when dining at Ithaa undersea restaurant.

  • Make advance booking as there are limited seating
  • There’s a set menu for lunch and dinner
  • Adhere to the Island Chic dress code
  • Don’t use flash photography
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This was everything you needed to know about Ithaa undersea Maldives. You can now plan an informed trip to this island and experience this surreal moment of being surrounded by the blue sea and marine life. The reason why tourists flock to this place is because of its uniqueness and unforgettable experience. The memories you create here are for a lifetime because who can forget such an incredible time. So, savor the delicacies and watch the aquatic life go by around you. Our Maldives tour packages are ideal for planning a visit to this restaurant. So, don’t wait any longer and book now.

Ithaa Undersea Maldives FAQs

Q1. What is the dress code for Ithaa restaurant?

The dress code for Ithaa restaurant is smart casual or island chic. It’s important to adhere to this dress code for a beautiful time here.

Q2. Does the Maldives have an underwater restaurant?

Yes, Maldives has several underwater restaurants, but the first undersea restaurant is Ithaa, which is a part of the Conrand Rangali Island. It’s a must visit restaurant in this country.

Q3. What are the visiting hours for Ithaa?

You can visit Ithaa from 11 A.M to 2:30 P.M and 6:30 P.M to 10:30 P.M. You must make an advance booking before coming.

Q4. What makes Ithaa underwater dining special?

Ithaa is special because it was the first underwater restaurant in Maldives and it’s the only restaurant that is completely made of glass. Dining here is an unforgettable experience.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Maldives?

The best time to visit Maldives is from November to April. The tropical climate during these months is perfect for soaking in the beachy vibes and indulging in various activities.

Q6. How many days are enough for Maldives?

4 to 5 days is the minimum amount of time that you must spend in Maldives; however, we’ll suggest spending more time because there’s a lot to look forward to here.