Did you just get married or are planning to tie the knot soon? Well, then a dream honeymoon must be on your mind! What is your kind of honeymoon? Is it the stunning mountains or the charming beaches? Well, an amalgamate of gorgeous hills, pristine shorelines, adventure activities, shopping, spa, candlelight dinners, thrilling nightlife, and more, a honeymoon in Jordan is perfect bliss. Not just this, but the country is brimmed with enchanting classical wonders, a plethora of romantic activities, and deluxe hotels to uplift your holiday moods. So, do you want to know what all fun you can enjoy with your soulmate in Jordan? Bingo! Scroll down the blog to plan an ideal post-wedding gala!

Honeymoon in Jordan: For an Ultimate Romantic Connection

Honeymoon in Jordan: For an Ultimate Romantic Connection

Jordan is a beautiful country brimming with a myriad of amazing activities to do on a holiday with your partner. You must be thinking Jordan is a traditional country and what is so unmatchable here that makes it a nice place for couples? Well, here are the fascinating things one can do on their honeymoon in Jordan for a quintessential holiday with your spouse to spice up the love and trust.

  1. Overnight Camping at Wadi Rum
  2. Cruising in Aqaba
  3. Soothing Dips in the Dead Sea
  4. Nightlife In Wadi Musa
  5. Long Drive to Wadi al-Mujib
  6. Hot Air Balloon Ride Over the Desert
  7. Shopping In Amman
  8. Paper Yourselves with the Hammam Spa

1. Overnight Camping at Wadi Rum: Romancing Under the Stars

Overnight Camping at Wadi Rum

Who doesn’t dream of spending a hypnotic night in a romantic camp with your love and staring at the twinkling stars? Make your dream a reality and admire the serenity and surreal beauty of Wadi Rum while staying at a cozy Bedouin camp for a blissful escape from the hustle of mundane life. Delve deeper into the Jordanian culture and explore the heritage of the country. Renowned as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a perfect place for spending special moments with your love and experiencing every luxury, comfort, and solitude in the camps on your Jordan honeymoon. The golden terrain looks magically captivating at dawn and dusk for a dream vacation.

Location: Wadi Rum Protected Area, Jordan

Things to Do:

  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Desert Safari
  • Camel riding
  • Explore Jebel Khazali
  • Discover Lawrence's Spring

2. Cruising in Aqaba: Witnessing the Beauty of Dramatic Shoreline

Cruising in Aqaba

Blessed with a dramatic shoreline, Aqaba is a dream destination for honeymooners from all over the world. The crystal-clear turquoise waters with a backdrop of mountains, and peace, make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Jordan. One can enjoy a mesmerizing cruise journey with your partner and explore the magical charm of the shimmering sea. Adding more to your holiday, the sea offers various adventure activities for tourists including snorkeling and scuba diving. Indulge in the water adventures and get a chance to witness the colorful coral reefs and the incredible marine life.

Location: Aqaba, Jordan

Things to Do:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Glass-bottomed boat ride
  • Sunbathing
  • Witnessing coral reefs
  • Explore the marine creatures

3. Soothing Dips in the Dead Sea: Relaxing with Your Soulmate

Soothing Dips in the Dead Sea

One of the best things to do in Jordan is experience floating in the Dead Sea. Enjoy a dip like never before in the soothing waters of the sea and experience the buoyancy to make lift you up and make you feel weightless. The water contains magical properties to soothe your body like a natural spa. Many people believe that applying the mud of the sea helps to heal various skin problems like eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. The gorgeous salt-crust promenade makes it a huge attraction for photographers. The incredible vistas, mineral-rich waters, and tranquility make the sea one of the best places to go in the middle-east.

Location: Near Jericho, Jordan

Things to Do:

  • Floating in the Dead Sea
  • Try hiking on Mount Nebo
  • Explore the Dead Sea Museum
  • Rejuvenate in nature’s lap
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4. Nightlife in Wadi Musa: For a Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Nightlife in Wadi Musa

The charming town of Wadi Musa is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Jordan. The town is brimmed with various ancient architectural wonders, classical ruins, numerous adventures, fun, and delve into the Jordanian culture. One can explore the majestic grandeur of Wadi Musa and get a sneak peek into the rich heritage of Jordan. Adding more to the fun, the honeymooners can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner amidst the picturesque scenery of the gleaming stars. There are many restaurants in Jordan to make you savor the flavorsome Jordanian cuisines for a soul-satisfying delight.

Location: Wadi Musa, Jordan

Things to Do:

  • Explore the beauty of Petra
  • Visit the Nightclubs and restaurants
  • Cross the spectacular Siq Gorge
  • Discover Al-Beidha
  • Enjoy hiking
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5. Enjoy a Long Drive to Reach Wadi al-Mujib: For a Heart-to-Heart Connection

Wadi al-Mujib

If you are searching for romantic destinations in Jordan, then the charming views of Wadi al-Mujib are a must to explore. Situated amidst the craggy golden mountains, Wadi al-Mujib is a beautiful river in Jordan. One can plan a long drive with your partner and can witness the enthralling views of the picturesque scenery. Drive on the highway to reach the heavenly place and indulge in various adventure activities like hiking and canyoning in surreal rock formations. The majestic river finally falls into the Dead Sea but the nearby sites and the charming scenery make it one of the best places to visit in Jordan.

Location: Wadi Mujib, Jordan

Things to Do:

  • Hiking
  • Long Drive
  • Canyoning
  • Explore Mujib Biosphere Reserve
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6. Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Desert: Love is in the Air

Hot Air Balloon

If you are an adventure enthusiast then without a second thought, go for a hot air balloon ride with your partner. Enjoy witnessing the magical views from the top and enjoy a fascinating love ride in the middle of the desert of Wadi Rum. Explore the enchanting beauty of the country and get in deep conversations away from every hustle. The mesmerizing balloon ride will be a perfect honeymoon memory to remember for a lifetime making it one of the best things to do in Jordan.

Location: Wadi Rum

Things to Do:

  • Witness the panoramic sunset
  • Photography
  • Desert Safari
  • Camping
  • Hiking

7. Shopping in Amman: Buy the Best Honeymoon Souvenirs  

Shopping in Amman
Image is for reference purpose only

A holiday is incomplete without Shopping. Amman, the beautiful capital city in Jordan beholds numerous fascinating marketplaces for the best shopping spree. From the colorful Rainbow Street to traditional Souq and lavish shopping malls, shopping in Amman is pure bliss. One can explore numerous colorful souvenirs including handicrafts, lamps, lanterns, carpets, books, perfumes, bags, and Jordanian dresses for a blissful holiday. Do visit Rainbow Street in Amman for a delightful time with your partner. There are many cafes, clubs, bars, and restaurants in Amman to make you savor the flavorsome cuisines amidst world-class Jordanian hospitality.

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8. Pamper Yourselves with a Hamma Spa: To Relax after the Wedding Celebrations

Pamper Yourselves with a Hamma Spa

What more can one ask for than a soothing spa session on your honeymoon with your soulmate? Pamper yourselves with the rejuvenating spa session to detoxify, heal, and refreshen your mind, soul, and body. A Hammam experience will indulge you in a relaxing day of steam and scrubbing, away from every hustle. The peaceful ambiance, mind-relaxing essence, and fragrances of essential oils, candles, and hot baths will de-stress you, giving you a satisfying experience. There are many types of Hammam in Jordan and one can choose the best according to your needs.


  • Movenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba
  • Kempinski Spa and Wellness
  • Al Yakhour Turkish Bath
  • Gaia’s Cocoon 7 Star Spa and Beauty Lounge

Activities to Do:

  • Hot steam bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Full body spa
  • Beauty treatments
  • Body detox

There are many amazing activities to do on your honeymoon in Jordan to make it a dream holiday to remember for a lifetime. From adventure activities, classical beauty, shopping, and witnessing the natural charm, a couple can enjoy a fairytale-like holiday in Jordan amidst every luxury and comfort. More than just the beaches and mountains, the country offers numerous fun-filled things and an idyllic ambiance for a fascinating time with your loved one. So, pack your fancy bags and avail of the best tour packages of Jordan for the best honeymoon experience.


Q1. What are the best things one can do on your honeymoon in Jordan?

One can enjoy various amazing things in Jordan for a delightful holiday. It includes:

  • Overnight Camping at Wadi Rum
  • Cruising in Aqaba
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Candlelight Dinner at Wadi Musa
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Wadi Rum
Q2. What is the best time to visit Jordan?

The best time to visit Jordan is during spring (March to May) or fall (September to November). At these times, the temperature is pleasant and perfect to explore the majestic grandeur of the country.

Q3. What are the best places to visit in Jordan?

There are many places to visit in Jordan for an amazing holiday experience. It includes:

  • Amman
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum
  • The Dead Sea
  • Ma’in Hot Springs
  • Aqaba
Q4. What is the main international airport in Jordan?

Queen Alia International Airport is the main international airport in Jordan connecting the country to the world. It is the largest airport in the country and is named after Queen Alia.

Q5. How many days are enough in Jordan?

A total of 7 to 8 days is enough to explore the majestic grandeur of the country. One can stroll around and explore the nearby natural and man-made wonders for a fabulous holiday.

Q6. What are the adventure activities one can enjoy on a honeymoon in Jordan?

One can indulge in various adventure activities on your Jordan honeymoon. It includes:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Overnight camping
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Cruising
  • Desert Safari
Q7. Is Jordan worth visiting?

Jordan is a beautiful country brimming with classical wonders, craggy mountains, turquoise beaches, waterfalls, and numerous adventure activities for an ideal vacation with your loved ones.

Q8. What are the travel tips for Jordan?

Here are some amazing travel tips for Jordan for a nice holiday experience.

  • Respect the traditions of the country
  • Dress decently in public places
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Carry your sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Pack your hiking shoes along