A land of culinary delights, Qatar brings you the most tempting experience of dining. You can discover the blend of Arabian, European and Asian zest presented authentically in every fancy dining spot. Qatar has amazed people by its enriching beauty of art and history and the culture that includes traditional living and food. The Hakkasan Doha is among those top culinary spots where you will discover the flavor and aroma of Qatar. Presenting you the luxury of food, this is a hub for foodies to dive into a world of aromatic zest.

Hakkasan Restaurant, Doha Offering A Touch of Class And Sophistication

Hakkasan Restaurant, Doha Offering A Touch of Class And Sophistication
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Hakkasan is known for its most magnificent setting, chic interior, and sophisticated ambiance, which adds to its beauty and fame. Perched in the green and lush scenery of St Regis Doha, this is among the finest places to share a delicious plate with your family. Hakkasan brings you the delectable dishes, service that is inspired by the culture of Qatar, zest of the Chinese kitchen, and every modern contemporary menu to make it a forgettable night.

Talking about the finest flavors and the heartwarming hospitality, the restaurant is influenced by the luxury of Qatar. You will find ultimate excellence in the Hakkasan Doha menu and features that include bar sets, dining space for family, brunch area, and a menu which is offering you every course of the meal. There will be cocktails, mocktails, traditional food, snacks, cigars, and a lot to make it more luxurious and remarkable. The lit ambiance and the exotic flavor set by a world-class chef promise an experience that would last for a lifetime.

A Take On Gastronomic Experience At Hakkasan St. Regis Doha

The Sumptuous dishes inspired cuisine, and an opulent modern decor tends to remind the guest, the ambiance that is reflecting the beauty of lacquered tea houses in the old Canton. Every corner of the Hakkasan represents itself as the lush and flavorful Chinese dining and the most fascinating restaurants in Qatar.

The restaurant serves some of the widely recognized and most scrumptious dishes of China. The specialty of Hakkasan can be witnessed in its menu, offering a diverse taste each day. Depicting the vibrant Chinese culture in form of food and drinks, the restaurant has its roots dug deeper in the culture of China and neighboring regions. The overseas menu lured travelers and the citizens to dive into a savoring zest to closely observe the beauty of Asian nations. Today the menu of Hakkasan Doha is bringing an array of dishes to serve for dinners or lunch along with breakfast and brunch. From the la-cate with noodles and meat or seafood to the sweet delight like hazelnut parfait and ice creams, the restaurant is bringing an extensive menu to make it the most magnificent spot in the country.

Here is a brief outline of the menu you can choose to celebrate the day.

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1. A Healthy Friday Hakkasan Doha Brunch To Kick Start Your Day

A Healthy Friday Hakkasan Doha Brunch To Kick Start Your Day
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Brunches are the most preferred meal in today’s lifestyle and Hakkasan knew it very well. This is the reason why Hakkasan has brought up an array of delights that can make your day too tempting and delicious. Families living at St. Regis Doha can get their seats reserved to share the best morning meal before heading out. Not only this, the romantic settings and the fancy menu of brunch make it an ideal place to plan a brunch date or catch up with your friend.

The interiors are exquisite, dishes are served with a rich flavor and the menu includes everything from shou menu, seasonal bellini, pecking duck with cucumber and leek, dim sums, desserts, and a complete list of beverages. Grab anything from the house spirits, tea, wine, sparkling wine, and cocktail. The Hakkasan Doha Brunch not only delivers a promising service but a taste you will remember for your life.

2. A Dim Sum Rich Saturday Lunch

A Dim Sum Rich Saturday Lunch
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Lunch can be special at Hakkasan where you will find a variety of Dim sum served hot and deliciously. This freshly baked dish brings you the flavor of China to make your taste buds dance with the savory and spicy tinge. The atmosphere reflects a magical beauty to make it one remarkable moment of your holiday. There are many Chinese restaurants in Doha but the Hakkasan St Regis Doha is best for enjoying a family lunch. There will be complete assistance and a relaxed ambiance to make you feel comfortable. The dishes served are prepared by professionals to match the luxury and your satisfaction.

You can choose from the Grilled Shanghai dumpling to the Scallop Shui Mai with tobico caviar, Roast duck with pumpkin, Prawn and scallop Cheung, and Seabass with ginger and spring onion to relish the taste of Cantonese food.

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3. Cocktails To Make It A Night

Cocktails To Make It A Night
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The Hakkasan Doha Menu is a fusion of authentic dishes and contemporary beverages. When it comes to experiencing the nightlife in Doha, Hakkasan can be an ideal name for your celebration. The bar here is laced with every exotic drink you need to raise a toast for a splendid vacation. There is a unique collection of cocktails that are prepared by the mixologist bringing up the blend of western and eastern flavors. You can try the signature drink “Hakka” or pick the best wine, sparkling wine, rum, and more. The sophisticated ambiance and excellent facility make it a place for all to take a break from the daily chaos and relax with the grooving beats.

4. Discover the Enriching Taste of Botanical Brunch

Discover the Enriching Taste of Botanical Brunch
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Hakkasan is introducing a new Botanical Brunch with an exclusive menu to make the morning ecstatic and refreshing. From 26th November, you can enjoy the morning meal with a savory zest and refreshing aroma at Hakkasan Doha. At just QAR 498, you can order a salad platter, or Lychee lobster, some Dim Sum, Sweet and sour chicken with pomelo, and more. The menu has options like dessert that is served as per the chef’s specialty or signature siders for the day, or main course and starter to savor your appetite. There is a cocktail menu for Botanical Brunch with some invigorating expertly-crafted Tanqueray cocktails. The brunch will be available on Friday through 24 December from 12 pm to 4 pm.

5. Hakkatini Nights for All Your Evening Celebration

Hakkatini Nights for All Your Evening Celebration
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Now celebrate with Hakkasan Doha and enjoy the fine taste of exotic beverages served to the guests to make the evening quite special. The Hakkatini nights will offer you drinks of your choice with some side snacks to make it a scrumptious gastronomic experience. Calling it an everyday celebration won't be wrong as the Hakkatini Nights at Hakkasan Restaurant Doha is hosted every evening from 6 pm-11:30 pm, with a menu that will start from QAR 98 per person. There will be finely crafted wine, some beer, and their signature Hakkatini cocktail that includes Orange infused vodka, Campari, Orange liqueur, apple, and grapefruit bitters.

Discovering The Excellence of Hakkasan Restaurant Doha

Hakkasan Restaurant is an ideal set Chinese eatery that is bringing beauty and delights right from the traditional kitchen of China. The fancy interiors and the magical ambiance of the restaurant make it a perfect modern space for celebrating any occasion. Be it any private event or a regular meal with family, the vast space and exquisite settings of the restaurant welcome you for all your moods.

1. The Doha Terrace

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Hakkasan Restaurant Qatar brings you an opulent setting with Doha Terrace, overlooking the magnificent beauty and charm of Doha Corniche. There is a rich, fascinating menu for your fresco dining, making it the most romantic spot for honeymooners. The outdoor seating, lounge area, and stylish décor are some highlights that make it a center for all to enjoy a fancy meal. The terrace can accommodate more than 20 guests for the standing cocktails or your canape parties. The seating can be allotted to 75 guests with proper dining arrangements. Similarly, the lounge can accommodate standing space for 45 guests and seating for 27 guests. The lounge cab r

2. Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms
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The Hakkasan St Regis Doha has a private dining room and main dining rooms where you can reserve seats for your special night. The private dining room with a capacity of 28 people can be best for a grand celebration while the main room with space for 66 guests is recommended for small groups of 2 or 4 people. The facilities and services offered at both the rooms are worth your money and time. The menu includes the most tempting cuisine to add more flavor to your celebration. Order from the contemporary dishes to grab the best taste within the best Hakkasan Doha Menu Prices.

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Celebration With Hakkasan Doha On Every Festivity

Celebration With Hakkasan Doha On Every Festivity
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Festivities are great when celebrated with scrumptious food and a fancy ambiance. Hakkasan Restaurant in Doha is quite famous for its intricate décor, representing the rich beauty of perfectly used wooden elements, the chic accessories, and complimenting furniture and colors. The fusion of funky essence and classic ambiance makes the place right for every celebration and festivities.

December being the season for festivals is also the best time for planning a holiday in Qatar. With events like Christmas, or national day and New year in Qatar, Hakkasan has introduced a new and exclusive pine menu to cater you an ultimate zest. The winter season at Hakkasan will be luxuriating enough to make you drool for more of their delicacies while the light musical aura is soothing to experience.

The festive menu at Hakkasan is quite exclusive and unique for every occasion. There will be cocktails, starters, the main course, and an array of scrumptious food to make your evening delightful and memorable. The exclusive Pine menu will be endured throughout the winter season- from 1st Dec to 30th Dec. The word pine symbolizes longevity and strength, thus, the menu is crafted to lend you a taste of festive joy and bliss. The Hakkasan signature Peking duck, Wildflower cocktail, and Festive dim sum platter are a must to try.

The festive Pine menu details are:

  • QAR 478 per person Inclusive of fruit blend, water, soft drink, and tea
  • QAR 648 per person; Inclusive of the welcome cocktail, beer, wine, sparkling wine, water, soft drink, and tea

An Award-Winning Restaurant For A Lavish Dining

An Award-Winning Restaurant For A Lavish Dining
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It was in 2001 when Hakkasan was first brought to Doha to celebrate the legacy of China. The finest raw ingredients and the traditional cooking have added much flavor to each of the dishes served here. The professional chefs and the dedicated staff serve with utmost warmth and pleasure to make it a hub for foodies. It is the balance of every signature cuisine and other exotic taste that makes it an award-winning restaurant in the most luxurious hotel in Doha. Here is a brief on the achievements of Hakkasan.


  • FACT Doha Dining Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant


  • FACT Doha Dining Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’


  • Time Out Doha, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’


  • Luxury Travel Awards, ‘Modern Chinese Restaurant of the Year’
  • FACT Magazine Dining Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in Doha’
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’
  • World Luxury Restaurant Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in the Middle East


  • Time Out Doha, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant’
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Restaurant of the Year’
  • FACT Magazine Dining Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in Doha’
  • Food Travel Arabia, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in the GCC’


  • Time Out Doha, ‘Restaurant of the Year’
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Chinese Restaurant of the Year’
  • FACT Magazine Dining Awards, ‘Best Restaurant’
  • FACT Magazine Dining Awards, ‘Best Chinese Restaurant in Doha’


  • Time Out Doha, ‘Chinese Restaurant of the Year’


  • Gulfood Awards, Top 10 Restaurants in the GCC
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Best Newcomer
  • Time Out Doha, ‘Chinese Restaurant of the Year
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Additional Details For Hakkasan Doha:

Additional Details For Hakkasan Doha
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Hours of operation:


  • Monday – Sunday
  • 6pm – 11:30pm
  • Friday Brunch

Fridays Brunch

  • 12pm – 4pm (Only Friday)

Saturday Lunch- DIM SUM, Then SUM Lunch

  • 12pm – 4pm (Only Saturday)


  • Monday – Sunday
  • 6pm – 12am

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Book your flights today and get ready to discover some amazing tastes. The Hakkasan Doha offers you an experience of award-winning dining with the most relishing taste of China and the hospitality of Qatar. The menu is crafted with an ultimate zest that will make your taste bud dance in a new rhythm. The luxury of St Regis and the delicacies of China makes it a spot to enjoy your favorite food with family and add more to your vacation with the scrumptious dishes. This restaurant in Qatar brings you a wide range of delights and a savoring experience to make it worth memory.  


Q1. What are the opening hours of Hakkasan Doha?

The Hakkasan restaurant is open all seven days to serve the guest an exclusive menu. The timings are as follow:

  • Sunday to Friday from 06:00 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 04:00 pm and from 06:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
Q2. Where is Hakkasan Doha?

The Hakkasan restaurant is nestled in St Regis, a luxury hotel in Qatar. The restaurant is set in the lush green garden of the hotel, offering you an aesthetic beauty to embrace.

Q3. What is the specialty of the Hakkasan menu in Doha?

The Hakkasan offers a special brunch and lunch menu that includes a variety to enjoy. Dim sums, peking duck with cucumber and leek, desserts, seasonal bellini, and signature drinks are mentioned in the menu that one must try.

Q4. Is there any private dining at Hakkasan restaurant?

The restaurant has a private dining room that can accommodate more than 28 guests at a time, splitting them into two groups.

Q5. Is alcohol served at Hakkasan?

There is a lounge and bar area at Hakkasan Doha serving the best of signature drinks and exotic cocktails. The restaurant holds a license of serving alcohol in moderation to the tourist.

Q6. Can I get open-air seating at Hakkasan Restaurant Doha?

Yes, the Doha Terrace at Hakkasan has open-air seating where you can admire the serene views of the city. You can enjoy drinks and snacks at the Terrace lounge or choose to have a complete course from the terrace menu.

Q7. How far is St Regis from Hamad International Airport?

St. Regis in Doha is located at an approximate distance of 24 km from the Hamad International Airport. It will take around 30 minutes to reach the hotel via Ras Abu Abboud Expy.

Q8. What are the best-picked options to try from Hakkasan Menu?

The Hakkasan Doha menu presents a blend of tastes that is inspired by Chinese recipes. There is a separate section for desserts and drinks, snacks, meals, and every other course you are looking for. The Dim sum, Sweet and sour chicken with pomelo, and Wok-fry hammour with Lao gan ma sauce are some top recommendations.