Get a glimpse of the glowing dusk of the sunset from a traditional Dhow boast and walk along the Corniche Road. The traditional wooden sailboat was once upon a time used by merchants and fishermen. At present, it has been fitted with the latest facilities to enable a comfortable journey for tourists. The ideal time to set out is at sunset, where one will cruise along the teal waters of the Arabic Gulf. Get a glimpse of the city skyline while learning about the country’s relationship with the sea, right from pearl diving to fishing and trading with the other countries. One of the best things about the Dhow Cruise is the colors of the sunset that reflect on the modern buildings and the cool breeze that cools you down before walking along the Corniche.

What Is Dhow Cruise In Doha?

What Is Dhow Cruise In Doha

Back in the ancient days, Dhow, the traditional boat was used by sailors, which later on was passed down from generation to generation. It was known for its two triangular sails designed with a pointed end for the stern and bow. Most boats have a single large sail added for more power and efficiency, made from wood.

There is a slight change in the design that has got a touch of the European influence, and a present, the same modernized dhow sails are used. The contemporary design of the boat has a square stern that makes it a lot more efficient. It is seen on the Indian ocean as there are several primary centers of attractions for travelers from around the world. The wooden traditional Dhow cruise in Doha are a classic art and beauty of the Gulf handcrafted with native touch to the design. Tourists should try the adventure of sailing as it is an experience of a life time.

Experience The Dhow Cruise With Dinner

The Dhow Cruise Spots

The best way to enjoy the view of the sunset in Doha, Qatar is from the sea. Handcrafted to add a traditional charm to the wooden Dhow boat, offers the most mesmerizing experience of a lifetime. People can enjoy a wholesome meal at restaurants in Doha, which makes the experience a lot more memorable. One of the best things to do is go on the cruise, as one sets foot on the cultural land of Qatar. The boats are equipped with night lights that come across as a multicolored paradise in the peaceful sea.

One can book an evening or morning slot, depending on the availability of the cruise. The ambiance as the evening falls and the hues of dusk that create a blanket over the turquoise sea appear quite magical and irresistible. One should not miss out on the romantic and exotic experience of the evening cruise. Some of the activities people will enjoy are a moonlit swim, traditional music, and dance and other leisurely feels that one should experience. It is definitely one of the ideal places to visit in Doha depending on the tour from the sea. The charm and traditional touch are seen in the meals that make you smile with joy.  As you enjoy a fancy evening cruising on the waters, enjoy the cold breeze and twilight.

Sunset And Dinner On The Dhow Cruise

Sunset And Dinner On The Dhow Cruise
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Have you set out to see the sunset in Doha, Qatar yet? Of course, the view from the sea. A delightful dinner aboard the cruise makes it even more joyful. Taking a cruise has been a dream for most people and have planned their vacation around it.  People should not miss the rows of wooden boats along Doha corniche. The best part is that the pitch- black Arabian Gulf with all kinds of lights. It is much like the boats seen in most parts of the world, minus the lights and sound show that portray the modern city.

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The Dhow Cruise Spots

Experience The Dhow Cruise With Dinner

The wooden boats or dhows of the Gulf are seen sliding back and forth along the fishing harbors of Al Khor and Al Wakra. The boats are a reflection how old Qatar was in terms of being a simple sea-faring nation, before the discovery of oil and gas.

The designs differ depend on the use of the boat along with name. Gargoor are the fishing boats with domed traps which are lowered overnight to seabed. The boats were first made of palm ribs and created with galvanized pipe and netting. Corniche bay is one of the most popular tourist spots for Dhow cruising in Qatar. One can even think of going to the Palm Tree Island, nestled off shore or can free to choose wherever they want to sail. People can set sail from the Museum of Islamic Art dock and then sail towards the harbour at sunset. These are some of the things people ca enjoy on the cruise, as it a once in a life time opportunity.

In case you want to make your evening a little more interesting, you can choose a barbeque dinner that includes grilled meats, hummus, and pistachio rice pudding for dessert, a classic Middle Eastern fare. The liveliness of the skyline is a stunning sight to see as it boasts of a golden light of the sun setting. One of the most spectacular views along the West Bay includes the twinkling lights.

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Highlights of The Dhow Cruise Qatar

Highlights of The Dhow Cruise Qatar

With booking a slot on the dhow dinner cruise, people will be given a chance to discover the dramatic skyline and crystal-clear waters of the Ocean. One of the best things to do in Qatar is to enjoy the luxurious and authentic experience as one can relax, swim and surf and enjoy the journey.  Along with the exceptional experience, there are certain Dhow cruise Doha that guests should know about before booking a cruise.

  • The cruise begins from the Doha corniche where your companion and traditional wooden Dhow will be waiting.
  • Walk along the corniche and then take the journey around the coast to see and admire the beauty of the skyscrapers and skyline.
  • Tourists can enjoy a buffet meal, BBQ, and other culinary options accessible to ensure they have a delightful dining experience.
  • The cruise takes care of all the needs of the guests onboard.
  • Life jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid and other facilities are included in the cruise Doha booking price.
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Best Time To Go On A Dhow Cruise

Best Time To Go On A Dhow Cruise

People can avail of a range of cuisines on the cruise in a hospitable atmosphere. A little after noon would be the ideal time to go on a cruise or go on a dinner cruise. Guests can avail of fancy dining in a wooden dhow on a dinner cruise. It will one of the most memorable cruises one can experience in Qatar.

People are given a choice of afternoon or evening cruise and can sail to the Al Safliya Island for a range of activities like swimming, jet- skiing, sun tanning, fishing and much more. After a day of shopping and sightseeing at the heart of the city, one can easily spend an evening unwinding on the Dhow cruise Qatar. The cruise is not something people should miss as it is a once in a lifetime experience. So, when looking to some have some fun, the cruise is the best thing to do.

The Dhow cruise Doha provides the perfect dining experience in the sea, along with the view of the skyline and skyscrapers. The tours include a buffet and BBQ meals along with other services catered to take care of the tourists’ needs. Book Qatar tour packages and reserve the most ideal evening cruise slot to explore the secrets hidden below the dusk as you sail across the corniche and waterfront on a traditional wooden boat. The cruise offers the best Qatari hospitality and taste of the country, which will definitely leave the best memories on one’s mind.


Q1. What are some of the things one can do on the cruise?

Some of the things people can enjoy on the cruise is the BBQ dinner. One can even dance to the Arabian music or swim or surf in the water.

Q2. How to book the cruise in Doha?

There several agencies in Doha that organize such cruises. So, ensure you book the best service provider that offer the best price for your cruise.

Q3. What is the Dhow Cruise?

Back in the ancient days, Dhow used to be a traditional boat used by sailors, which passed down from generation-to-generation years later. It was known for its two triangular sails designed with a pointed end for the stern and bow.

Q4. What is one of the best things about the cruise?

As one takes the journey on the cruise, the colors of the sunset reflecting on the buildings is one of the best things. It is one of the most stunning views people should not miss out on.

Q5. What are some of the amenities people can avail of on the cruise?

Some of the amenities offered to people on the cruise include:

  • Buffet or BBQ meal
  • Safety Jackets
  • First Aid
  • Professional Assistance
Q6. Is it worth traveling to Doha for the Dhow cruise?

With the glimpse of the skyline, the colors of the sunset reflecting on the buildings makes the cruise worthwhile. It is one of the many things people should enjoy while on vacation.

Q7. What are the timings of the cruise?

Depending on the morning and evening slots, people can book their cruise accordingly. If you want to have the ideal dinner cruise, then the evening time is the best.

Q8. What are the main highlights of Dhow cruise?

Some of the main highlights of the Dhow cruise include:

  • Pick up and Drop service on request
  • A walk along the Corniche
  • Activities like swimming fishing
  • Meals and drinks
  • Arabian and English music