The heritage of Qatar has always been the best attraction for tourists coming from far off lands. There are old forts and museums, archeological sites and the ancient towers, depicting a lot about Qatari history. The Barzan Towers in Qatar stands as one of the finest examples of ancient art and architecture where you can learn a lot about its political history too. While the towers are recognized for their unique beauty and distinct features, there is a lot you can discover about this country.

Barzan Towers in Qatar: An Architectural Marvel of The Past

For years the Barzan towers Qatar has been a vantage point for keeping a lookout for enemies and movement of the celestial world. It offers tourists a glimpse of the country’s skyline. Built-in the late 1800s and renovated in 1910 during Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani reign, they were used as watchtowers to ward off an Ottoman invasion and for astronomical observations.  The moon was studied during Ramadan by astronomers.

Home to a small mosque and a reception room for guests, the Barzan towers have a rectangular base and walls made with coral and limestone held together by mud. The towers were constructed close to a rawdat, an ecosystem that enables the rainwater to collect and allow the flora and fauna to grow.  At present, much of rawdat is visible as the surroundings have seen extensive urban development. The best part about the towers is their walls and tiny windows that ensure cool temperatures the whole year-round.

History Of Barzan towers Qatar

History Of Barzan Tower Qatar

The Qatar Barzan Towers, built in 1910 by the Emir of Qatar, acted as watchtowers against the attack of the Ottoman soldiers. He was still reluctant even though he has defeated the Ottomans a few years back. During the holy month of Ramadan, the Qataris inspected the new moon for accuracy. Keeping track of the moon was important. Two people would climb the top of the towers to ensure the accuracy of the moon and agree when the crescent appeared.

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Facts On Architecture of Barzan Towers Qatar

Architecture of The Towers

As tourists enter the towers in Qatar, they get to see the one-meter broad walls that are armored and reinforced by buttresses. One will see huge staircases in one tower and the other has massive cones. The walls were built keeping in mind the walls of the Zubarah fort, a blend of the raw pieces of the coral stones with limestone, which was then cemented with a mud Mortar. Once the walls are dried, they are covered with a gypsum-based plaster. The 4-layer roof was created with danchal wood poles and were painted with Bitumen.  The wood poles are covered by woven bamboo strips called Basgijl. The Barzan tower was covered with compressed layers of mud and net of mangrove branches to shield it from the sun during the hot seasons. One of the most ideal features of this method is the constructions of architraves, the use of wood poles tied with a rope to increase the adherence of plaster and mud mortar.

A 3D model of the Qatari mosque and the fishermen’s villages in the northwest can be designed, for those who need details of these building techniques. There are a couple of external features like majilis, a room for welcoming the guests, was designed as an L- shaped pavilion prayer room, also used as a madrassa, a school for teaching kids the holy Quran. The marazims, one of the ideal tourist attractions in Qatar, was built on top of the majils and mosque to protect the surfaces of the wall and were made as wooden channels that sprawl from the roof to drain the rainwater.

How To Reach Barzan Towers?

The main airport in Qatar is Hamad International airport. Located 20 km north of Doha, the Barzan towers are seen nestled in the town of Umm Saalal Mohammed. People can travel by road to reach their final destination.

With so much to explore and discover in the Barzan towers Qatar, people need not think about where else to go while visiting the country. It is one of the most breathtaking sites to see and enjoy while on vacation. From history to unique art and architecture, the towers stand as a masterpiece for the tourist, offering a glimpse of its past. There is so much about the towers one should learn about, as it is not an attraction to miss. So, go ahead and book your flight to Qatar and have the best time of your life.


Q1. What is the significance of the Barzan Towers?

The towers were in built in the 1800s and renovated later in 1910 during Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani reign. The towers were used as watchtowers to ward off an Ottoman invasion and for astronomical observations.

Q2. How many Barzan towers are there in Qatar?

Apart from the two Barzan towers, there is room to welcome guests called the majlis, which was constructed as an L-shaped pavilion with small windows for ventilation. There is a mosque that has a simple prayer room which is used as a school for teaching the Holy Quran to children, called the Madrassa.

Q3. What is the Barzan towers also known as?

The Barzan towers are also known as Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers, which was built in the 1800s and then renovated later in 1910.

Q4. What are the opening hours of the Barzan towers?

The Barzan towers are open all day long to the public.

Q5. How can one reach the Barzan Towers?

The towers are 20 kms away from the north of Doha. People can reach the towers by road.

Q6. Is it safe to travel to Qatar?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Qatar, one of the richest countries in the middle east.

Q7. Which is the best time to visit the Barzan towers?

People can visit the towers any time between 8 am- 12 pm.

Q8. How many hours does one need to spend at the towers?

People need about an hour to explore the Barzan towers.