Wondering how to escape the crowd and live a day amidst serenity? We have the answer for you. Zekreet Beach, located on the Gulf of Zekreet, is ideally the best place where you can seek leisure and enjoy the serene beauty of the landscape. The deep blue waters and the sandy shores along the coast magnify the surreal atmosphere and offer you the best place to spend a leisure evening with your family. As many beaches in the country are often flooded with people from all walks of life, the Zekreet is the perfect getaway to discover peace in its tranquil environment.

A Detail On Zekreet Beach Qatar Location

A Detail On Zekreet Beach Qatar Location

Located towards the off coast of Dukkan, Zekreet beach is a cluster of sand and limestone gravel that has made the landscape quite unique. The calm vibes and the surreal beauty of the place have made it one of the best places to seek leisure.

While Qatar is a well-known holiday destination, it is quite difficult to find a place to escape the crowd. The Doha beaches are major attractions that lure tourists to enjoy a day with every thrill and frill. Zekreet, on the other hand, is located far away from human influence, standing as an offbeat and the most magnificent place to admire the natural vista. As far as you can see, the Zekreet beach is a land with dramatic terrains, where there are sand dunes, bays, and coves.

Zekreet Beach, Qatar, which is only a short distance from Doha, the capital city, is one of the most popular destinations for campers and those seeking seclusion. The beach, also known as the Ras Abrouq Beach or the Bir Zekreet, is secluded and isolated, with no paved routes or facilities, making it undiscovered by the masses. It is ideal to spend a day under a clear sky, admiring the calm of the surroundings. Zekreet Beach is a gateway to many other attractions in Qatar, as it is located in an undeveloped area of the country.

 Location So Popular Among Travelers

Despite being an offbeat place, Zekreet beach is quite famous among travelers looking for a place to soak in its beauty. The location of Zekreet beach is quite famous for a reason, which has made it one of the best beaches in Qatar for leisure and adventure. While activities here are quite limited, people love to experience the leisure, and beauty offered with a tranquil aura.

The landscape of Zekreet is basically the remains of an old settlement that is probably dating back thousands of years. Maybe they belong from the prehistoric era, and today the remains are helping us to better understand the past. This is one of the reasons why the Zekreet beach location is quite popular among tourists. There is wilderness around, and the calm, captivating vista makes the beach a treasure trove. We have listed some highlights that would leave no stone unturned to add to your bucket list.

  • The bizarre landscape formation is actually a highlight that makes Zekreet one of the best places to visit in Qatar. The limestone escarpment is just like a desert carved out of big stones to form an attractive structure. The Cliffs and the long limestone pillars are some major points to define the weird yet appealing beauty of the beach. Some caves appear to be the artwork of some famous sculpture artist who reshaped them to make the region more dramatic and captivating than before.
  • Wildlife here is dense and rare and includes both land and sea creatures. From the migratory Ostriches to the native Oryx, and the crabs, many wilds are roaming around to leave the tourist amazed. The region is preserved by the government to provide a safe and secure environment to these animals dwelling in the unharmed habitat. Once a pool, there is an oasis too, where you could find Gazelle and falcons during the right season.
  • Moving ahead to a few miles, the Zekreet beach in Qatar even preserves the old habitat and civilization. Today only a few remains are left as proof that once the site was home to some nomads. The roofless huts and abundant villages are quite enthralling for all. Do explore some famous forts in Qatar, located at a short distance from Zekreet beach Qatar location.
  • If you are still not convinced about the fact that Zekreet is a perfect spot to relax, you might need a camp to spend the night and understand its beauty. The beach is one of the best spots to enjoy the thrilling overnight camp in Qatar. Within a safe distance, you can get your camp set over its distinct terrain and admire the moonlight falling over the blue water of the seas.

Attraction To Explore Near Zekreet Beach

A day under the open Arab sky, witnessing the calm waves of the sea sounds fun. But there is a lot to add to your Zekreet excursion day apart from beach leisure. You won't find any fancy restaurant and cafe close to the beach, but there is something more exciting than what every other beach will offer.

The Zekreet beach sits perfectly close to major attractions you can explore in the country. There are old forts and abundant villages to make your day, a complete tour of historical places in Qatar.

1. The Film City

The Film City

Film City in Qatar is one of the most popular attractions that has lured travelers with its mysterious origin and story. Known as a mystery village, the film City was designed to shoot an old Arabian serial, and later it was abundant after use. Designed as a complete city with huts or houses, shops, and other needed facilities, the Film City resembles the old town of Qatar that once existed.

The perfect architecture and the homely vibes of this ghost town have attracted many. You can get some photographs or dig deeper into the history associated with this Film City in Qatar.

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2. The Zekreet fort

The Zekreet fort

One of the oldest forts in Qatar, the Zekreet fort is a heritage site, preserving the beauty of old art and architecture. This 18th-century fort is located close to the Zekreet beach and is popular for its unique architecture. With an incomplete square shape and no towers, the fort is standing as an incomplete structure even after centuries. The panoramic views surrounding the fort magnifies its wonderful design and make it a picture-perfect attraction to discover.

Do not miss learning about the legend behind the construction of this magnificent fort, which is reflecting some hidden secrets of Qatar and its past.

3. Zekreet Peninsula

Zekreet Peninsula

Wildlife in Qatar is exciting and quite enthralling. Being a deserted nation, which experiences a high temperature, the wilds in Qatar are adapted to its harsh climate. This is the reason why wildlife exploration is quite fun in the country. As Zekreet beach lies at a safer distance from human settlements, one can spot free-roaming wilds near the peninsular region. There are Oryx and ostrich, lizards, crabs, flamingos, and other native and migratory species dwelling in the serene beauty of this picturesque beach. Make sure you are not approaching the wilds directly as they need a safe space and free environment to live in. Watching them from a safer distance is one piece of advice that could be beneficial for the ecosystem.

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4. Murwab archaeological Site

Murwab archaeological Site
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The history of Qatar dates back to the prehistoric era, which makes it quite an interesting place for every history buff. The Murwab archeological site is located a few miles away from the Zekreet fort Qatar, where one can discover a lot about the history of Qatar. The remains of the region are dating back to the 9th century, and the elements discovered there have revealed a lot about the past incidences.

The Murwab is known as the oldest settlement that was burned due to a fire accident. The region only has a fort and some old, ruined remains of 250 houses, a mosque, and some other elements of the society.

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Things To Remember While Planning A Tour To Qatar Zekreet Beach

 Planning A Tour To Qatar Zekreet Beach

Zekreet beach is nothing like those fancy coastlines with vibrant beach umbrellas, cafes, and some boutique shops. The remote beauty and isolated location of the beach make it popular and untouched at the same time. Despite being famous among travelers, the beach has not listed any facilities and services. Therefore, one needs to be well prepared before planning a day at this secluded location. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Choose a perfect and safe place for camping along the shores or near the escarpment.
  • Do carry refreshments, food, water, and extra clothing as nothing is available nearby.
  • If you are planning on a zekreet tour, hire a guide as the place can be quite confusing. Most regions require off-road driving too.

Reaching Zekreet is quite a task. With no proper road network, one needs to go off-road to reach the beach. Hamad International airport is the only international airport located at a distance of more than 96 km from the beach. There are cabs or SUVs on rental available with drivers for a day tour.

A holiday can be tiring, and we all need a calm and peaceful place to make it quite a leisure. Zekreet Beach Qatar is one of the most magnificent attractions for people to take a break from the chaos of the city. The beach, located at a distance of 90 m from Doha, is ideal for campers and nature lovers to enjoy the serenity. Add some adventures like overnight camping or swimming, or you can just relax, unwinding in its untouched vista. The attractions nearby even offer some to discover in Qatar and learn a lot about its rich art and history.


Q1. Where is Zekreet Beach?

Zekreet Beach is located in the Dukkan region, approximately 90 km from Doha. The beach is an isolated region that is far from the human settlement. The off-road journey makes it quite an adventure to reach the beach from Doha.

Q2. Are there any beaches in Qatar?

The Qatar peninsula is enclosed within the Arabian Gulf that has led to the formation of many secluded beaches and islands. Qatar not only has some famous natural beaches but there are many man-made beaches to attract tourism. You can visit the Zekreet Beach, Umm-bab Beach, Dukkan Beach, Sealine beach and Katara beach.

Q3. Are there any adventures to try on Zekreet beach?

Zekreet beach is not a fun place, but still, there is a lot to try. The beach is perfect for camping and leisure tours, but one can try swimming in the shallow water. If you are planning on an overnight camp, make sure you carry every needed amenity for a leisure tour.

Q4. Are there any hotels in Zekreet?

Zekreet is an isolated region of Qatar located in Dukkan. The place has no facilities like hotels or cafes and restaurants, therefore, people often plan a daycation. However, if you are planning to stay, camping is possible near Zekreet beach.

Q5. Is Zekreet beach safe to visit?

Yes, Zekreet is a safe place to visit with families. There are no adventure activities allowed, but one can try swimming in the shallow waters. You can get a guide if you are not sure about the roads or can book a tour with any reputed agency for the best experience.

Q6. What are the top attractions near Zekreet Beach?

While Zekreet beach is itself an attraction, there is a lot to explore nearby. The beach boasts of some forts and wilds that makes it quite popular among travelers. The top places are:

  • Zekreet Fort
  • Film City Qatar
  • Zekreet Peninsula
  • Murwab archaeological site
Q7. What is Qatar Film City?

Film City in Qatar is an isolated village that was built as a film set to shoot an old Arabian Serial. Later it became abundant and became a site for travelers who visit this ghost town to admire its architectural beauty. The town features two guard gates and a complete city layout.

Q8. Are there any points to keep in mind before visiting Zekreet Beach?

Zekreet is an offbeat place to explore with no facilities. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Pick a place that is safe for camping. You can set camp along the shores or near the escarpment.
  • Carry refreshments, food, water, and extra clothing.
  • Get a guide for a safe journey.