Shopping is the biggest stress busters for people as it brings out a feeling of happiness. Speaking of shopping, people can plan to explore the shopping places in Lusail and get some of the best fashion accessories to match their styles. There are a number of shopping malls and markets people can buy things at an acceptable price. With its stunning streets filled with shops and cafes, people are offered a fancy experience of a lifetime. When planning a holiday in Qatar, there are things you need to know about your shopping in Lusail.

Best Shopping Places in Lusail

What is the one thing people often look forward to doing over the weekend or when going on vacation besides partying? Shopping, right? Most of us live to shop. Speaking of shopping, they say Lusail is heaven on earth when it comes to shopping for all kinds of goodies. It is the ideal holiday destination for admiring the charm and going to the markets and malls to shop. People can’t resist the warm hospitality the city has to offer. People from around the world are given the chance to enjoy the experience of shopping in Lusail.

1. Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is the biggest multidimensional and multinational retail division of Lulu group international, which has been a trend setter of the retail industry for quite some time. The store represents quality retailing with 201 stores and is well known with the discerning shopping in the Gulf region. People are greeted to a modern shopping atmosphere as all their needs are taken care off under one roof. It has several counters, spacious parking, play areas for kids, food court, money exchange and bank counters. The tagline Lulu is justified as a place people came to shop. Apart from being the most preferred shopping place in Lusail, it is a one stop destination in GCC, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The hypermarket aims at being the best in the retail sector and offer an ideal shopping experience that is unmatched in terms of products and services. Some of the values the market believes in includes:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

2. The Marina Mall Lusail

The Marina Mall Lusail
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Developed in Lusail City, Doha, the Marina Mall offers tourists and the locals the finest retail and leisure facility, nestled on the east coast of Qatar. One of the most stunning features people will notice is that the architecture of the mall is influenced by the natural forms created when water meets land. The five interconnected retail islands one of the major projects replicated pebbles, that is separated by water.

The Marina Mall is said to be of the best shopping malls in Qatar, nestled close to the Lulu Hypermarket in Lusail. Spread over an area of 180,000m, the mall has five levels of three retail section and two basements. Along with family entertainment center, cinema, food court, restaurants and much more will be a part of the 248 retail space. People can go on a shopping for some of the best fashion brands, accessories, home décor products from various stores.

3. Lagoona Mall

Lagoona Mall
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A haven of exclusivity, Lagoona Mall is a blend of interesting retail brands and fine dining places, where all the shoppers come to shop and enjoy the chic lifestyle ambiance. The elegant and chic surroundings make the mall the best place to catch up at leisure. One of the best shopping places in Lusail, Lagoona mall is comfortable nestled between the iconic ZigZag. Its upscale standards are seen in their services, which are easy to avail and several international brands, never seen in the Middle East before. The 2-level mall is home to over 160 stores, 18 F&B outlets with a large parking space.

The mall has a certain kind of appeal that portrays a certain kind desirable outlook for all the retailers and designer labels like Fifty-One East, CHANEL, Rolex, FNAC, Patek Philippe, Bang & Olufsen, Pari Gallery and Carrefour Market. The illustrious retailers and restaurants are given the chance to offer people a chance to experience the best Lusail shopping experience along with getting a sneak peek into a unique lifestyle experience with an air of timeless elegance, one of the things to do in Qatar.

4. Boggi Milano

Boggi Milano
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The Italian brand, Boggi Milano is home to over 190 stores in Qatar and 38 different countries and is one the finest shopping places in Lusail. The brand represents a goal that inculcates innovation, technology, sustainability and quality with the help of idea of using raw materials with high technical performance. The design of the garments was born with the blend of two essential elements: the quality of the fabrics which include organic fibers, recycled materials, certified and avant-garde fabrics and stylish research, application to the vision of a new contemporary man.

An omnichannel retail experience is only found at Boggi Milano, which is a result of a perfect blend between the physical and digital world. The Boggi Milano Academy was born in 2016, with the vision of training new resources and enable people to stay updated on the latest in the global landscape.

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5. Place Vendome

Place Vendome
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The upcoming multibillion Qatari Royal mixed-use development in Qatar, Place Vendome is a project for investors in Qatar who have aligned their professionalism in the retail, real estate, construction and contracting sector. The mall is the best example of business, vision and energy of the dedication to the development of the nation. Palace Vendome is the beginning of the Parisian inspired development that offers high-end shopping in Qatar. The architecture of the mall represents luxury and extravagance with a touch of cultural and artistic feel which has set a tone for a happy shopping experience.

The mall flaunts a canal running through the sea, offering a stunning experience of eating at the cafés and restaurants that overlooks the water. It has become a new center of attraction of tourists and for the local and international residents craving for all kinds of entertainment and retail choices in one place. A reflection of the united developer’s dedication to the diversification of human and social development in Qatar is seen in the mall. Shopping in Qatar is one of the many things people should put on their list.

6. Louis Vuitton- Katara pop-up store

Louis Vuitton- Katara

Louis Vuitton gave birth to its first exclusive pop store and has taken the spotlight several times for its themes which include its unique pieces like hard sided trunks, jewelry and watch cases, beauty cases, hard side clutches and handbags.

The fashion brand has given birth to its second collection which is dedicated to several kinds of collections. Some of the much- anticipated installments of Arty Capucine are seen in the bags. Projects that have shown some amazing results include Beatriz Milhazes, Henry Taylor, Liu Wei and Josh Smith versions. The bags are designed in a range of skins like crocodile, python, lizard, leather and the extraordinaries.

When it comes to shopping, people often think of going to the malls or the market to buy all kinds of things. It is one of the greatest pleasures of life which never gets boring. So, when it comes to buying things, one can think of shopping in Lusail. People from around the world come to the Middle East just to shop. So, what you waiting for? Book those tickets to Qatar and have the best time of your life.


Q1. What are the best shopping places in Lusail Qatar?

One of the best entertainment cities in Qatar, Lusail is filled with some of the best shopping malls and markets like Marina Mall Lusail, Lulu Hypermarket Lusail and Palace Vendome.

Q2. Which part of Qatar is Lusail located?

One of the futuristic cities in Qatar, Lusail is located in the northern part of Al Daayen, crafted with sustainable development. It is approximately 25 minutes after from the city of Doha.

Q3. What are some of the things to do in Lusail?

Apart from shopping in Lusail for souvenirs, people can explore some of the major attractions, go for a walk along marine promenade and go spend a day at the crescent park.

Q4. How to reach Lusail from Doha?

The city of Doha is directly connected to Lusail via cabs and various public means of transport. People can even travel by metro to reach their final destination.

Q5. How many days can one spend in Lusail?

People can spend 4-7 days in Lusail and visit all kinds of attractions.

Q6. Which is one of the famous stores in Lusail people always visit?

One of the most popular stores in Lusail is Lulu hypermarket people always visit at least once.

Q7. What are some of the things people can buy at Louis- Vuitton?

Hard sided trunks, jewelry and watch cases, beauty cases, hard side clutches and handbags are some of the things people can shop for at Louis- Vuitton.

Q8. How many stores in Boggi Milano home to?

Boggi Milano is home to over 190 stores in Qatar and 38 different countries.