Do you love Arabian Cuisines or want to try something else? If yes then Hail in Saudi Arabia is the place where you can get the most flavorful food. Here the twist of several Arabian spices like cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, mint, rosemary, and many more makes the food more delicious. Apart from food, Saudi Arabia is known for its great hospitality, and Restaurants in Hail offer the same. So, if you want to enjoy the Arabian flavors and hospitality then these restaurants are the perfect place for you.

Best restaurants in Hail: Get the Best Arabian Flavors

Several traditional Arabian dishes like Kabeba, Taman, Thareeda, Jareesh, etc. make this place the most special one. Apart from this, Hail Restaurants are also famous for seafood, Italian, Chinese, Indian and American food. So, if you are planning to visit Hail then this place with its thousand years of history will give you a lifetime experience. We have curated below the list of top restaurants in this city that will help you to explore different tastes.

  • Applebee’s Restaurant
  • Al-Marsaai
  • Al Turathi
  • Copper House Restaurant
  • Chess Club Restaurant
  • Kosherita- Al Muntazah Al Gharbi
  • Kerala Restaurant
  • Alwadi Almubarak

1. Applebee’s Restaurant

Applebee’s Restaurant
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With the best dining experiences, this is the place founded nearly three decades ago. Apart from having fun with the family, there are several food options here. From American to seafood, here you can try a diverse range of cuisine. Moreover, this restaurant in Hail, Saudi Arabia with its great ambiance is also known as the world’s largest casual dining restaurant company. So, for the mouthwatering food and some quality time with your loved ones you must visit this restaurant.

Address: Prince Miqran Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al Matar Al Faiz Center, Hail Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 1 AM

Top Dishes: American, Seafood

2. Al-Marsaai Restaurant

Al-Marsaai Restaurant

Known as one of the best restaurants in Hail, this is a place serving the finest seafood. Apart from its beautiful and calm decoration, this place has great customer service as well. From shrimp and lobster to grilled and fried fish, there are many delicious foods here to satisfy your taste buds. So, what are you waiting for? Come to this restaurant to have some delightful experiences with your family or friends.

Address: An Naqrah, Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen Al Saud Street, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 1 PM – 2 AM

Top Dishes: Sea Food

3. Al Turathi Restaurant

Al Turathi Restaurant

This beautiful museum-come restaurant is located in a pleasing mock traditional house with several stocked vintage and antique items. If you are in love with Saudi dishes then this is the place for you. With a traditional Saudi dining experience and excellent ambiance, this is one of the top restaurants in Hail. The middle eastern restaurant will give you a great experience with its beautiful artifacts and heavenly dishes. So, visit this place with your family or friends to enjoy the Saudi Tradition.

Address: Hail, King Abdulaziz Road, District Al Mahattah 55424, Saudi Arabia.

Opening Hours: 5 AM- 12 AM

Top Dishes: Traditional Saudi Dishes

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4. Copper House Restaurant

Copper House Restaurant
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Are you looking for a cozy restaurant where you can have a homely feeling? Copper House Restaurant is a place designed like a traditional house where you can have authentic Indian food with superb hospitality. From Dal tadka, and Jeera rice to grilled meat platter and tasty masala tea this place is a paradise for all food lovers. So, don't wait and try the delicious food in this one of the best Indian Restaurants in Hail.

Address: 9413, Al Muntazah Ash Sharqi, 2812, Hail 55428, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 12 PM- 1 AM

Top Dishes: Indian Food

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5. Chess Club Restaurant

Chess Club Restaurant
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Do you have a craving for some Italian or Asian food? If yes then the Chess Club restaurant is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia for you. From pizza, and spaghetti to curries and soup here you can get a variety of cuisines that will give you the most amazing time. Here you can have the most family-friendly atmosphere and the simplicity here will make you come again. So what are you waiting for? Visit this place to get the most homely environment with your loved ones.

Address: Holiday Villa Hotel, King Saud Rd, Al Matar, Hail 78543, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Top Dishes: Italian, Asian

6. Kosherita- Al Muntazah Al Gharbi


Are you a person who likes to try something new every time you visit a restaurant? Kosherita restaurant is the place where you will never get bored with the same dish. Here you can have an option of multiple cuisines including traditional Arabian dishes. Eating delicious food in this beautiful place is one of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. So don't wait and try something amazing today in the restaurant of this traditional city.

Address:  Hail, 55427 7476،،Jeddah, Al Muntazah Al Gharbi, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 3 AM

Top Dishes: Multiple Cuisines

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7. Kerala Restaurant

Kerala Restaurant

Are you in Hail, Saudi Arabia, and looking for South Indian Dishes? If yes then Kerala Restaurant is waiting for you. Here you can enjoy the best south Indian dishes with great taste and real Indian flavor. Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Sambhar, here you will get everything you want. Giving you the feeling of the real Indian Restaurant this place is one of the must-visit Restaurants in Saudi Arabia. So, next time visit this place and enjoy the simplicity here.

Address: FPHF+C54, Alkhamashiyyah, Hail 55422, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 6 AM – 12 PM, 4 PM – 11 PM

Friday: 4 PM – 11 PM

Top Dishes: South Indian Food

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8. Alwadi Almubarak Restaurant

Alwadi Almubarak Restaurant

The traditional Arabian dishes like Manakeesh, grilled halloumi, meddamas and many more with their traditional flavors are the specialty of Alwadi Almubarak restaurant. They also have a nice interior where you can have the best time ever. The traditional Arabian design here will make you feel like sitting in a cozy Arabian house with a comfortable seat. So make a plan to visit this one of the top restaurants in Hail.

Address: 3424, 6586, An Naqrah, Hail 55433, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours: 11 AM -1 AM

Top Dishes: Arabian Food

These restaurants in Hail offer several cuisines giving you the best holiday experience ever. These places with their elegant interiors, fantastic ambiance, and amazing food will make you come here again. Also, if you are a food lover and want to give something new to your tongue then restaurants in this city are a great choice. So, what are you waiting for? Make your trip memorable and avail yourself of the best tour packages of Saudi Arabia.


Q1. What is the best time to visit Hail?

The best time to visit Hail in Saudi Arabia is between March and November. The weather during these months is pleasant, ranging between 20 to 26 degrees Celsius which makes it a best time for tourists.

Q2. What are some of the restaurants people should visit in Hail?

There are several best restaurants in Hail, Saudi Arabia where you must visit for a great experience. Below we have curated the list of some of the best restaurants:

  • Applebee’s
  • Al-Marsaai
  • Al Turathi
  • Copper House Restaurant
  • Chess Club Restaurant
Q3. What are the timings of Al Turathi Restaurant?

The timings of Al Turathi restaurant is 5 AM- 12 AM. This is a restaurant come museum that is located in a pleasing mock traditional house with several stocked vintage and antique items.

Q4. Where is Al-Marsaai located?

The Al Marsaai is located at the An Naqrah, Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen Al Saud Street, Hail, Saudi Arabia. Apart from its beautiful and calm decoration this place has great customer service as well.

Q5. What are the best cuisines offered by Applebee’s Restaurant?

The best dishes at the Applebee’s restaurant are American and Seafood. This restaurant offers the best dining experience and was founded nearly three decades ago and has several food options.

Q6. What is the time of the Chess Club Restaurant?

The Chess Club restaurant is open 24 hours and here you can get a variety of cuisines that will give you the most amazing time with your loved ones. Also, its friendly atmosphere and simplicity will make your day.

Q7. What are some of the cuisines served at Kosherita- Al Muntazah Al Gharbi?

There are multiple cuisines that are served at the Kosherita restaurant. This is the place where you will not get bored of the same dish as it has several dishes to offer according to your taste.

Q8. Is Hail a safe place to visit?

Hail is one of the safest and most beautiful places to visit at least once. This city is also known for its delicious food with unique Arabian flavors and great hospitality.