An untouched mountain region in Saudi Arabia with an abundance of greenery and misty magic in the air, Aseer is home to a national park with hundreds of species of birds and animals and many historical places. The province is named after the "Asiri" tribe that inhabited it, and it flaunts its culture and traditions through various landmarks. The place offers delicious traditional food in some of the best restaurants, which are spread all over the province. Visit and discover plenty of places to visit in Aseer, like the foggy mountains and the culture of this delightful place.

Places To Visit In Aseer: Gaze Upon The Awe-inspiring Views

There is a long list of places to visit in Aseer when one starts planning a holiday. It is one of the most pleasant places in Saudi Arabia where one can explore mountains, gardens, museums, theme parks, historical sites, national parks, and much more. People looking for adventure can enjoy hiking, camping, paragliding, etc. History lovers can spend time learning about the past in museums and other archaeological sites. And those who just want to enjoy the charming views of the place can visit the mountains, lakes, and parks.

  • Aseer National Park
  • Abu Kheyal Park
  • Rijal Alma Village
  • Dhee Ayn
  • Abha Dam Lake
  • Al Raqdi Museum
  • Souq Al Khamis
  • Tanomah Mountains
  • Al-meger Tourist Village, Al Namas
  • Assalam Palace Hotel 10th Floor Revolving Restuarant

1. Aseer National Park

Aseer National Park
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Home to different species of flora and fauna, the tranquilly of the place is what one enjoys while visiting this national park. It is the perfect place for all the wilderness explorers out there to witness several species of birds and animals surrounded by lush greenery and vegetation. Tourists looking for some thrills can give paragliding a try and witness the magic from the sky. The park also has the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, Jebel Soudah, and the cable car rides from there are thrilling. It is one of the best places to visit in Aseer for people looking for a thrilling hike and camping under the stars.

Top attractions: Adventurous activities, various species of birds and animals, scenic views

2. Abu Kheyal Park

Abu Kheyal Park
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When in Aseer, stroll through the grass in Abu kheyal park and you will feel rejuvenated. It covers a vast area with different varieties of flora and fauna, and offers a separate playground with simple rides for children. The park also has a restaurant called Jorry's that serves lip-smacking food. This park is one of the attractions in Aseer which is perfect for witnessing the beauty of sunset. The park also hosts various kinds of events, games, concerts, and exhibitions. Visit the park with family and friends in winter and witness the fog giving the whole park a picture-perfect view.

Top attractions: Magical views, picnic spots

3. Rijal Alma Village

Rijal Alma Village

Easily 1000 years old, this UNESCO world heritage site is one of the interesting places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Not far from the Yemen border, the village was once a significant stop for people travelling from Yemen to the holy places, Makkah and Medina. The village has 60 multiple-story buildings built in the traditional way, like most of the buildings in Yemen, which is with stone, clay, and wood. The other important story associated with this charming village is that this is the place where the Asiri tribes defeated the Ottoman army in 1825.

Top attractions: Archeology, History

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4. Dhee Ayn

Dhee Ayn

The 400-year-old village, sitting upon the rocky hill, is the epitome of charm and grace. The zigzag roads and the unbelievably beautiful views from Al Baha take tourists to this marvellous landmark. The fresh water spring near the base of the hill, the lush greenery including banana plantations and palm trees, and the multi-storied houses made of marble are what make this place worth visiting. The tourists are free to stroll through the village and discover the ways of life in the past, like their houses, markets, alleys, etc. A part of the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia, the village lights up at night, shining like a big bright star in the midst of barren mountains.

Top attractions: Scenic views, History

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5. Abha Dam Lake

Abha Dam Lake

This lake is covered in mist and fog for most of the time. It is surrounded by the 300-metre Abha Dam and offers a perfect view of its blue water and the lush greenery around it. It is the perfect place to visit in Aseer for people looking for a peaceful day by the lake. Tourists can also enjoy the light festivals and fountains in the evening while having delicious food in the nearby restaurants. The lake also has some dedicated parts where people can swim or enjoy a boat ride with their friends and family.

Top attractions: beautiful views, Picnic spots

6. Al Raqdi Museum

Al Raqdi Museum
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The interiors of this beautiful museum in Aseer have the colours and designs of a traditional Saudi household.  The museum is divided into 9 prime departments, like the Apparel Section, Traditional Women’s Silverware, the Old Kitchen Section, etc. There are simple household things like cots, chairs, utensils, etc. displayed in the museum that were used decades ago. A shop inside the museum sells all kinds of things like souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques, clothes, etc. There is a small cafeteria in the museum where you can relax and have something to eat while glancing through the antiques.

Top attractions: Artefacts, History

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7. Souq Al Khamis (Thursday Market)

Souq Al Khamis
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A commercial market that is open only on Thursday is a dream for people who like to shop. The market is famous for selling 'Shabbeh,’ an alum-talc powder used as a natural deodorant. A lively area of the city run by local farmers and merchants who sell everything from cattle, sheep, goats, and chicken to jewelry, eatables, frankincense, and all kinds of spices in the old-fashioned way. The market is a great place to stroll through even if one is not looking for anything to buy.

Top attractions: Shopping, Souvenirs

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8. Tanomah Mountains

Tanomah Mountains
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Located in the Sarawat mountain range, Tanomah is famously called the camper’s paradise, and it proves to be so. A road trip to the mountains, known for their mild to cold weather most of the year, will make you forget the hustle and bustle of city life. Natural woods, juniper trees, lush mountain slopes, rivers, and historic structures can be found in the mountains. People who are curious and looking for something fascinating will definitely find themselves in awe, when they see distinct stone houses and minarets, as well as a cascading waterfall right in the middle of the city. The Tanomah mountains are one of the places that must be on the list of things to do in Saudi Arabia.

Top attractions: Scenic views, Waterfall, hike

9. Al-meger Tourist Village

Al-meger Tourist Village
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The village has a prime attraction, a family-owned castle called Al Meger, which preserves the stories and victories of the past. The palace is owned by a family who have a passion for telling the tales of the past by exhibiting different items in the palace. The interior walls of the castle have beautiful and colourful designs. This tourist attraction in Aseer is home to Islamic artefacts dating back to the Abbasid, Umayyad and Ottoman periods, and one can stroll through the palace. The palace has 20 entrances, and seven domes, indicating the seven continents of the world. There are 365 columns to support the museum, one for every day of the year. The castle looks like it is floating in the clouds, and the magical view around it only enhances the charm of this place more.

Top attractions: history, artefacts

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10. Assalam Palace, Revolving Restaurant

Assalam Palace

The restaurant serves a variety of foods in a buffet system. The restaurant offers seafood, Middle Eastern cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, Arabic cuisine, etc. Some of the most popular food items are shrimp soup with vegetables, fried fish, olive salad with shrimp, and grilled chicken with kebabs and quails. The restaurant is at the top of a building, so people can enjoy the charming view of the city while having delicious meals. There is a proper seating arrangement and the ambiance of the restaurant makes the experience delightful.

There are some other restaurants spread all over the province, like Charminar, Craving Club, Alkarkand Restaurant, Kaf Café, Soho Square Restaurant, Lapaz Batchoy Restaurant, Khamis, Dar Alhashi, Turkish House Restaurant, and Dians Restaurant. The restaurants in Saudi Arabia offer a new taste to the palettes of tourists visiting the country from all over the world.

Top attractions: Traditional food.

There are many diverse places to visit in Aseer for people of different preferences. There are plenty of choices for tourists, like hiking and camping in the mountains, visiting different cultural landmarks of the place, devouring the delicious traditional food, or simply exploring the various species of birds and animals in the only national park in the region. Plan a vacation to this charming paradise and avail of the Saudi Arabia tour packages to enjoy the goodness of nature.  


Q1. What are the places to visit in Aseer?

There are plenty of places to explore in Aseer, like Rijal Alma Village, Tanomah Mountains, Abu Kheyal Park, Souq Al Khamis (Thursday Market), Abha Dam Lake and many more.

Q2. What is Aseer famous for?

Aseer is famous for its temperate climate for most of the year. The slight cold and warmth in the air make the place perfect for tourists to explore more. There are mountains, a national park, and many historical landmarks that make the place worth visiting.

Q3. Are there any museums in Aseer?

Yes, there are primarily two museums in the Aseer region. Al Raqdi Museum and Al-Meger Palace. The Al Raqdi Museum displays artefacts from the ways people used to live in the olden days. Al-Meger palace has collections of different things from various periods of history.

Q4. Where can people camp and hike in Aseer?

There are two mountain areas that are best camp and hike. The Aseer national park and Tanomah mountains offer a variety of options. People can also camp at night and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky and the surroundings.

Q5. Are there any adventurous activities in Aseer?

Yes, people have the option to do many activities in different regions of Aseer, like paragliding, hiking, camping, going on a cable car, etc. Other than that, people have ample options for sightseeing, shopping, and eating in different parts of Aseer.

Q6. Is Aseer a mountainous region?

Yes, Aseer has one of the most beautiful mountainous terrains in Saudi Arabia. Some of the activities that can be done in these mountains are hiking, camping, paragliding, taking cable cars, walking on the beautiful paths etc.

Q7. Which is the international airport in Aseer?

The international airport in Aseer is Abha International Airport. Other than the regular domestic flights, it offers international flights to Aden and Sana'a in Yemen, Cairo in Egypt, Doha in Qatar, and Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE.

Q8. Are there picnic spots in Aseer?

Yes, there are many picnic spots spread over the region. Some of the best picnic spots are Abu Kheyal Park and Abha Dam Lake that provide the best views and one can have fun with people with their family and friends.1.