There is no second thought on the plethora of tourist destination in Qatar. Palm Island is one such prominent tourist attraction in Qatar, positioned in the middle of Doha. This alluring island is surrealistically beautiful, and no wonder it entices the crowd from all over the globe to dive in variety of activities and unclench the stress to luxuriate in tranquility. Excursionists can enjoy immaculate beaches, glistening sand, fresh air, immense gardens, luscious vegetation and wide variety of recreational sports such as swimming events, biathlon and quad bike tracks and other events sponsored by the club. If you are planning a vacation soon then considering Palm tree island could be a great turn of event for you. And while you are, here don’t forget to try out snorkeling expedition or indulging in scuba diving.

Palm Island Resort: The Grenadines

The Palm Island Grenadines is a perfect romantic hideaway for the adult backpackers. The Resort entertains the guests who are 16 year and above. This 135-acre oasis is a host of breathtaking activities, sumptuous dining experiences and blissful accommodation. There are many hotels in Qatar but the luxury that can be enjoyed here, is beyond compare.

Things To Do In Resort

  • Picnics
  • Swimming
  • Paddle boarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Boat trips

7 Day Fun Filled Package At Palm Tree Resort Qatar

7 Day Fun Filled Package At Palm Tree Resort Qatar
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The excursionist can enjoy a 7 days exclusive paradise in the resort with one day dedicated to one activity altogether.

Day 1

Spa Treatment

Tired with all the travelling, worry no more the first day of the stay is absolutely dedicated to relax your body and soothe It of all the travelling blues. Enjoy the placid divine spa for a calm and invigorated mind and soul.

Day 2

Private Picnic

Take a stroll around the island and do not forget to take a dip in the turquoise water. Sit with your partner at the beach with their favorite wine and enjoy romantic lonesome twosome with your partner in the serene ambience.

Day 3

Tours with Yannis: An unforgettable chase

You must have never seen floating turtles. This snorkeling escapade will leave a mark that will never fade away. Just imagine yourself cladded in all the beach gears and swimming in calm ocean depth, chasing turtles.

Day 4

Extraordinary Movie Experience

Right after you are done with your lavish dinner. Get ready to experience an impeccable romantic setting with your own silent movie in the beachfront under the star-studded sky. Ain’t is surreal!

Day 5

Caribbean Beach Barbeque

As the name suggests the amazing barbeque party would start with rum tasting, leading to an extravagant night full of entertainment.

Day 6

Personal Dinner Gazebo

Enjoy your personal time with your loved one in the beachfront gazebo or under a romantic spot with a tree shaped as heart. All you need to do is get dressed up and choose your location, rest of the things would be taken care by the staff.

Day 7

Tour to Union Island

Explore the terrific union island surrounded by Mount Tobai. The Island has amazing bars and restaurant to enjoy few drinks.

Restaurants In Qatar Palm Island Resort

If you want to try authentic lip-smacking sumptuous recipes, then there are way more restaurants in Doha that one can imagine. Palm island grenadines has onboard award-winning chefs who effortlessly create magical savoury experience for the guests with his out of the world culinary skills. The resort has two beachside restaurants that serve a wide range of authentic Caribbean, continental and contemporary dishes.

Royal Palm Restaurant and Bar

Royal Palm restaurant and bar
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A tremendous beachfront with an impressive wraparound terrace will bestow a different dining experience altogether. With standout services and cuisine, from revered Chef Baka and his team, you surely would enjoy a piquant and flavorsome treat at this . If you are someone who hunts for an extensive choice of culinary delights then this place is certainly going to satiate your quest. From lip smacking seafood to authentic Caribbean dishes, you are going to get it all here.  This is one the best hotels in Doha that renders a truly luscious experience from first till the least meal.

Sunset Restaurant Bar

Sunset Restaurant bar
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For a more relaxed vibe and chic surrounding these resto-bars are slightly away from ocean. The restaurants are bright and colorful by the day and romantic and cozy by night. No less than the Royal Palm Restaurant, Sunset restaurant bars are classy and elegant serving appetizing food. Just visualize yourself gazing at the sunset all soaked up in its dimming warmth with a pre-dinner drink.

Additional Private Dining

Additional Private Dining
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The resort offers a choice of 4 fabulous picnic spots. Guests are free to choose any. No spot is less than the other, you can choose either a beachside dinner Pergola or a hamper-filled picnic lunch at one of four locations. All you got to do is select the day and the time, and wait for the staff to arrange everything else from lights to champagne.

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Luxurious Accommodation In Palm Tree Island Resort

Luxurious Accommodation In Palm Tree Island Resort
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The choice of rooms that you get is worth dying for. A perfect blend of luxury and comfort is what the resort is all about.

Palm View Resort

These rooms have a garden view, and slightly away from the beaches for those who wish to enjoy luscious greenery. The rooms are spacious and have deep bathtubs for relaxing soak-ins. The rooms have generous bathrooms and queen size beds with laid back inbuild lounges.

Beachfront Rooms

Gables roof and Rattan ceiling of the room with a hint of pink and pistachio shades are as beautiful as picture. The bedrooms are cozy and comfortable with a touch of colonial elegance. You certainly might have never had experienced such pleasant amalgam of nature and luxury. How about a celestial view of the twinkling sea and glazing soft sand? Additionally, the room are air-conditioned to the hilt and include well-stocked minibar of complimentary beverages, a coffee maker, an alarm clock and an ironing board.


The accommodation in the palm island resort has something in store for all the excursionists. High-pitched green roofs of beachfront and island lofts confer a distinguished feel. The rooms include king-sized beds and locally crafted bamboo furniture, elegant washrooms with separate showers adding to the Caribbean approach. The open area outside the lofts is generous shaded terrace for personal lounging. The rooms are thoroughly air-conditioned and include well-stocked minibar of complimentary beverages, a coffee maker, an alarm clock and an ironing board. Bathrooms are stocked with luxurious toiletries in the bathrooms.


The suites in palm island resort Qatar are an ideal honeymoon accommodation array, and quintessential for the couples seeking optimum space and comfort amazing beachfront views. The rooms speak of luxury with their nautical themed palettes and deluxe bathrooms. Generous lounging areas inside and out is another special touch. With a complimentary stocked minibar, coffee maker, ironing board, entertainment TV unit, internet connection, luxury toiletries and a daily housekeeping.


The villas are located on the either side of the beaches. These are absolutely private properties with all-inclusive benefits of the resort and are Ideally suited for a small group. So, if you are planning an excursion with your friends then these private accommodations would definitely be a perfect choice. The villas are provided with golf cart to go back and forth and moreover, there is a generous range of complimentary extras.

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How to Reach Palm Tree Island

How to Reach Palm Tree Island
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This seaside place is a combination of beautiful kinds of urban plants that is located in a spectacular vacation places in the world. Palm tree island and all the sport along with romantic events are organized by Doha Club. It is quite near from the center city of Doha, you can visit the place by driving till Corniche Bay first. The drive will take a couple of hours.  After reaching the bay, Palm tree island Qatar is at a boat ride distance of 10 minutes.

If you are planning to live few days in solace, a visit to Palm Island Qatar should undeniably be there in your bucket list. It is also one of the best places to visit if you wish to capture the beauty gleaming city right before the sun vanishes into the horizon. Gift yourself a week of solitude in Palm Island Doha right away and cherish a luxurious stay at The palm Island Resort with your loves ones!


Q1. Where is palm Island Qatar located?

Palm Island is located in the center of Doha Bay waters located in the Arabian Gulf, a subsidiary of the State of Qatar.

Q2. Is there any resort in the Palm Island?

Yes. There is luxurious palm island resort the grenadines. The resort has amazing accommodation and dining services.

Q3. What are the things to do on the island?

The island offers fun filled packages to soothe body and mind. Apart from that there are many watersports and outdoor games.

Q4. How many restaurants are there in the palm tree resort?

The Resort has 2 restaurants: Royal Palm restaurant and bar and Sunset Restaurant bar. Apart form that the restaurant offers private dining spaces as well for those who want to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Q5. What kind of accommodation does the resort offers?

The resort has amazing Palm View Resort Beachfront Rooms, Lofts, Suites and Villas.

Q6. How to reach the palm tree island?

To reach the palm tree island you need to reach the Corniche Bay first and then take a 10 minutes boat ride from there to reach the island. Or You can book yourself a Dhow boat ride from the jetty of the Sheraton Hotel to get here in just 10 minutes.

Q7. Are kids allowed at the palm Island resort?

The Palm Island Grenadines is a perfect romantic hideaway for the adult backpackers. The Resort entertains the guests who are 16 year and above.

Q8. Is Palm Island resort a good option for honeymoon trips?

The island is an extremely romantic place for the newly wed. Their Suites are extremely cozy with and nautical themes Palettes and deluxe bathrooms. Moreover, the resort has options of romantic events and dining option in solitude.