Presenting you the best Qatari flavors with the finest of spices, flavorsome cuisines, and mouth-watering deserts for a perfect culinary experience. Welcome to Jiwan Restaurant in Qatar, a sumptuous eatery where one can savor the world’s best moreish Qatari cuisines amidst the picturesque desert, relaxing with the sea views. A heaven for gastronomes, the restaurant will make you feel every luxury with a charismatic blend of world-class hospitality and traditions of the majestic country

Jiwan Restaurant in Qatar: For Diving into Qatari Flavors in a Pearl-Like Lustrous Ambiance

Jiwan Restaurant in Qatar: For Diving into Qatari Flavors in a Pearl-Like Lustrous Ambiance

Inspired by the magical elements of earth, fire, sea, and desert, Jiwan Restaurant Qatar is a paradise for the epicures. Embedded with an opulent setting space nestled in the iconic National Museum of Qatar, the eatery exhibits every highlight of the Qatari culture and rich traditions for a lifetime experience. From the majestic charm of the eye-soothing white interiors, calm ambiance, perfect table décor, and colorful handmade dishes, every element has its own story.

Taste the scrummy cuisines of Qatar and get mesmerized by the appetizing flavors which are a result of the finest cooking dexterity of the restaurant. The dedication with which the food is cooked, the table is organized to make you feel entire Qatar is beneath your eyes. Brimmed with deluxe vibes, the restaurant is an epitome of beauty, class, sophistication, and hospitality for a delightful dining experience.

Let’s take a dive into the aromatic Qatari ambiance and find out more about this remarkable restaurant.

The Deluxe Soul-Soothing Ambiance

The deluxe restaurant comprises of both indoor and outdoor terrace seating for the guests. Let's have a closer look at the sparkling interiors. You can plan a perfect dinner getaway with family and friends while enjoying the elegance and sophistication along with the intoxicating recipes.

The Pearl-Like Radiant Seating Space

The Pearl-Like Radiant Seating Space
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One of the best places to visit in Qatar and dive into the piquant cuisines of the country is the lavish Jiwan Restaurant. Adorned with soul-soothing white interiors, deluxe ambiance, and a touch of class and sophisticated seating space, the eatery is one of the finest in the country. Designed by architect Koichi Takada with the idea of making it cool and as calm as the desert sands, and unique landscape of the country. Jiwan means a perfect pearl in the Qatari language and a pearl that is rose-tinted white, completely round with a perfect shine and radiance.

From the beautiful carpet color which subtly fades from the color of the desert sand to the light turquoise water to lustrous pearl-like off-white furniture with a blend of the light brown color of sands, every element in the interior will give you a glimpse of the rich culture. The comfortable seating is accompanied by the charismatic ceiling which is festooned with four million Swarovski glass beads that make this place complete heaven.

The Captivating Terrace Setting and Marvel Sea Views

The Captivating Terrace Setting and Marvel Sea Views
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Presenting you a calm ambiance, with romantic lighting, opulent seating, and the terrace seating of the Jiwan Restaurant Doha that will win your heart. The cozy ambiance with a touch of class and royal furniture adorned amidst the charming views of the marveling architecture of the National Museum makes this place a complete gem. The lavish cozy dining pods are inspired by the sand dunes of the Inland Sea where you can savor the finest cuisines and witness the mesmerizing sunset views.

The restaurant is located at the heart of the National Museum of Qatar. The marvelous architecture designed in the form of a desert rose, and the beautiful views of the sea, make a captivating scenery that attracts numerous tourists to this heavenly wonder. Savor the best traditional culinary delights of Qatar cooked with a modern twist in this perfect ambiance and enjoy the unique taste of every season. Special attention has been given to the tableware and glassware that showcases the dexterity of the artisans paying homage to the desert and the sea. The handcrafted crockery and every element of the sophisticated tableware depict the legacy of Qatar.

The Authentic Menu: An Appeal to Your Senses

The Authentic Menu: An Appeal to Your Senses
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The fancy, lighter, refined, and reimagined menu card of the Jiwan, Doha will delight your senses and make you feel true Qatari hospitality. The menu is brimmed with amazing flavorsome cuisines embedded with a perfect blend of spices and ingredients. From fancy bites, appetizing starters, delicious main course, to sizzling side meals, and mouthwatering desserts, the card offers a lot of healthy options to choose from.

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Every Dish is An Ode to Qatar

Every dish is an Ode to Qatar

The Jiwan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Qatar, serving Qatari delights in a new, enthusiastic way. The eatery presents an amazing menu card offering flavorsome classical delicacies with a modern twist. The dynamic seasonal menu offers fresh ingredients, reflects the philosophy of Alain Ducasse which is to offer cuisine that vibrates to the rhythms of nature. This level of dedication, hard work, and teamwork is done to achieve customer satisfaction, which is the staff’s true motto.

  • Delight Your Taste Buds: Bites, Starters, Main Course, and More

Let's check out what the fancy menu card of the sumptuous restaurant holds for the guests.

1. Light Bites

Light Bites

Are you not in the mood to eat heavy meals and still want to try out the best flavors? Then the bites will give you this opportunity to savor the sample of foods in small portions, and give a chance to the cooks to show their creativity. The bites on the menu include:

Mushroom ~ cep ~ marjoram fatayer

Chana dal ~ coriander

Lamb ~ quinoa ~ labneh

Dill ~ lemon Panisse

Try out the scrummy flavors of the moreish bites and satisfy your tastebuds with a long-lasting taste.

2. Sizzling Starters

Sizzling Starters

Start your meal with the sizzling starters and take a dip into the amazing flavors of the Qatari food with a zest for world-class hospitality and royal touch. The Starters in the menu include:

Leek ~ walnut ~ saffron

Eggplant ~ yogurt ~ argan oil

Kingfish ~ cucumber ~ Kuku

Beetroot ~ citrus tabouleh

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3. The King Style Main Course

The King Style Main Course

After savoring the sizzling starters, as your communication continues with your loved ones, now it's time to taste the delicious main course cuisines which will take you into a whole new world of piquancy and will make you enjoy the moreish food with your eyes closed in joy because its finger-licking good. Amongst all the food in Qatar, this main course meal has something special for every visitor. The main course Qatari menu includes:

Beef short ribs ~ baby gem ~ potato

Confit lamb shoulder ~ mint ~ fennel

Chicken breast ~ kohlrabi ~ kabsa

Omani rock lobster ~ quinoa ~ loomi

Wild red snapper ~ cauliflower ~ curry

4. Delicious Side Dishes

Delicious Side Dishes

To accompany your main course meal, delectable side course meals are offered by the restaurant to give that special motherly touch to your food. Enjoy the palatable side cuisines which include:

The Potato crique ~ chilli ~ kabsa

Heirloom carrots ~ mustard condiment

Celeriac ~ peanut ~ paprika

5. Qatari Special

Qatari Special

Among all the hotels in Qatar, Jiwan serves one of the best traditional Qatari foods with a tint of modern dexterity and love. The moreish Qatari special menu includes:

Jiwan harees

Cumin madroba

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6. Mouthwatering Desserts

Mouthwatering Desserts

Amongst all the things to do in Qatar, savoring the mouthwatering Qatari deserts is the best way to connect to the rich culture. Desserts exhibit and explain the history and traditions of any country, with a zest of positive vibes and celebration moods. So, why wait? Celebrate with your loved ones and taste the tempting desserts of Jiwan Restaurant in Qatar that is worth drooling over. The menu adorns the following sugary twists:

Sago ~ pomegranate ~ hibiscus

Caramelized apple ~ goat cheese ~ loomi

Exotic fruit Mahalabia

Pistachio baklava our way

Chocolate ~ date manakish

7. Sunset Tea Menu and Local Refreshments

Sunset Tea Menu and Local Refreshments

The team of this restaurant in Doha offers super mouth-watering piquant sunset dishes that will make you dive into the aromatic flavors of Qatar. The tranquil ambiance with perfect lighting and exotic vibes makes this place perfect for a romantic date with your soulmate. Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset views from the outdoor terrace seating and admire the beauty and calm of the sea views while sipping your favorite beverages. One must try the local mocktails that include fruits, spices, ingredients, and amazing teas like Alain Ducasse’s signature white tea blend and coffees for a soul-feeding experience.

An Epitome of Hospitality

An Epitome of Hospitality

The Jiwan Restaurant Doha welcomes all the gastronomes from all over the world to relish in the world-class hospitality of the sumptuous restaurant. Relish with your loved ones in a deluxe setting and experiment with tasting a plethora of cuisines. The love and warmth with which the food is served in an opulent ambiance will surely enhance your hankerings. The fancy menu is a fusion of flavorsome cuisines and contemporary beverages, making it an ideal place for celebrations with your family and friends. So do try out the classic hot beverages that will heal you from your daily chaos and help you revive amidst the heavenly space of the eatery. The team keeps on working with dedication to satisfying a gourmet’s need by flavor enhancement and extra love and effort.

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The Team of Experts: Offering a Magical Cooking Dexterity

The Team of Experts: Offering a Magical Cooking Dexterity

Jiwan Restaurant embraces a team of experts adding special magic to the cuisines with their experience of years. Philippe Duc, the Executive Chef, possesses a culinary passion from an early age which can easily be seen in his signature dishes. His creations have that motherly touch that he learned from his mother and that warmth of love transferred into his cuisines has delighted numerous gourmands worldwide. Philippe brings the best of his cooking philosophy to Jiwan and makes guests taste the best meals ever. Mathieu Courtin who is the restaurant’s Manager will surprise you with his passionate hospitality, care, and warmth, making you feel homely vibes. The entire team and the staff members are dedicated to making your visit a memorable one.

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Additional Information

The restaurant has an ideal location as it is nestled between the majestic desert and the turquoise sea.

Location: 4th Floor of the National Museum of Qatar, Museum Park Street Doha, Qatar

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday: 12:30 – 8pm

Friday: 1.30 – 8 PM

Sunday: Closed

Jiwan Restaurant in Qatar welcomes you wholeheartedly to relish the real Qatari flavors with a zest of soothing ambiance amidst the gleaming desert and blue sea. The enthusiastic menu card adorns perfect cuisines to enhance your tastebuds. The outdoor terrace setting is an ideal spot for romantic candle-light dinners and an amazing soulmate connection amidst the picturesque scenery. Reserve your tables today, and dive into the aromatic food in Qatar with your special ones for a mesmerizing experience.


Q1. Where is the Jiwan Restaurant located in Qatar?

The Jiwan Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the National Museum of Qatar, Doha between the sparkling desert and the blue sea.

Q2. What are the timings of the Jiwan restaurant?

Hours of Operation of Jiwan Restaurant, Doha are:

Monday to Saturday: 12:30 – 8 pm

Friday: 1.30 – 8 PM

Sunday: Closed

Q3. Is the Jiwan restaurant, Qatar opens on Sundays?

While Jiwan Restaurant, Qatar is open from Monday to Saturday, it remains closed on Sundays and National holidays.

Q4. What type of food and beverages can one savor at Jiwan Restaurant, Qatar?

One can savor the piquant Qatari cuisines including bites, starters, main course, and fresh local beverages like fruit drinks, tea, coffee, and more at Jiwan restaurant, Qatar.

Q5. Is there any open seating space in Jiwan Restaurant, Doha?

Yes, there is a deluxe cozy dining pods seating space that is inspired by the sand dunes of the Inland Sea on the terrace of the restaurant.

Q6. What is so special about the indoor setting of Jiwan Restaurant?

The indoors of the Jiwan Restaurant depicts a pearl-like radiant seating space for the guests. From the off-white furniture to the sand-colored carpets and tableware, every element adorns the rich culture of Qatar.

Q7. Is there any sunset menu available at Jiwan Restaurant, Qatar?

Yes, there is a perfect sunset menu available at Jiwan Restaurant, Qatar wherein you can savor light Qatari snacks and try various beverages both hot and cold while relishing amidst panoramic views.

Q8. Is there a takeaway service in Jiwan Restaurant?

Yes, both dine-in and takeaway facilities are provided by Jiwan Restaurant, Qatar. The aim of the restaurant is consumer satisfaction and the team is dedicated to making you experience every comfort and luxury.