Do you wish to study in Qatar? Do you want to pursue medical studies? Well, then Qatar is now all set to accept medical students. Qatar is a country that has always promoted education and sports. Although up until 2014 there were not many medical colleges in Qatar, but the number has increased since then. So, here is a list of best colleges for you to choose from.

Top Medical Schools In Qatar

Top Medical Schools in Qatar

On the surface, it appears that Qatar does not have a full-time medical school programme. In reality, the Qatar University College of Medicine did not open its doors until 2014, and before then, the only choice for medical education in Qatar was to enroll at a branch of Cornell University in the United States. Medical students, on the other hand, now have  great alternatives. Although class sizes are modest in comparison to other medical schools, the quality of equipment and laboratories is excellent due to the country's riches.

Here is a list of medical colleges in Qatar, that you should consider while planning to study abroad: -

  • College of Medicine, Qatar University
  • Weill Cornell Medical College
  • College of Dental Medicine
  • College Of Pharmacy

1. College of Medicine, Qatar University

College of Medicine, Qatar University

Qatar University College of Medicine was established in 2014. Their six-year MD programme stresses small-group learning to encourage cooperation, leadership, and communication. This is one of the top universities in Qatar and is also the only public university of the country. The first year of study emphasizes fundamental medical sciences and a core curriculum, before shifting to a more practical approach with an emphasis on patient and population care. Clinical skills are learned at clinical skills centers, where students encounter patients and put what they've learned in class into practice. To get admitted to this medical school in Qatar, you must have a solid academic background, demonstrate English fluency, and score well on admissions exams in mathematics.


The vision of this college is to be a premier college of medicine and a top option for top students and local and foreign academics, to be a driving force for innovation in the national healthcare sector solving key national issues, and a reliable supply of high-quality, trustworthy physicians in Qatar.


  • To train physicians and future leaders in Qatar's healthcare industry who are knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and driven by a strong sense of responsibility for the community's health.
  • To promote quality in education, research, creativity, and innovation, as well as to contribute to the development of solutions for the country's and region's health requirements.
  • To improve the nation's health by bolstering the existing healthcare system via integration and synergy while also supporting the national health plan.
  • In the Qatar setting, to foster a diverse culture that attracts, fosters, and maintains the best students, professors, staff, and administration.
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2. Weill Cornell Medical College

What Is The Cost Of Medical Studies In Qatar

The Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar was established in 2001 as a division of Cornell University following an agreement between Cornell and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development. It provides a six-year MD curriculum and is conveniently located near Doha. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can enroll in a four-year programme and still earn your MD. The finest medical school in Qatar is Weill Cornell Medical College. Weill Cornell Medical College requires the same pre-medical education as American medical schools in order to get admitted. However, instead of obtaining a bachelor's degree first, you can join medical school from the undergraduate level.


By delivering programmes focused at capacity building through outreach and educational development, the Office of Student Outreach and Educational Development is devoted to helping and developing prospective students, schools, and other key partners. Provide a variety of academic materials and personal development tools to help prospective students prepare for college by engaging them.

  • Assist pupils in recognizing and developing their potential.
  • Collaborate with schools and other organizations to encourage STEM and health-related education and development.
  • Raising awareness of WCM-educational Q's activities will help to improve the organization's image both locally and globally.
  • Recruit qualified candidates for the Foundation, Six-Year Medical, and Four-Year Medical Programs.


Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar was founded in January 2001 as a joint venture between Cornell University and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development.

WCM-Q is affiliated with Cornell University and has a same mission: to provide the best possible education for medical students so that they may perform cutting-edge research. To deliver the greatest quality of care to the community today and in the future, to enhance health care for current and future generations.

3. College Of Dental Medicine

College Of Dental Medicine
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Wondering where to apply for pharmacy courses? Well then, this college is just the right pick for you. The faculty at the College of Dental Medicine is enthusiastic, and they are all well-established and well-known internationally as educators, researchers, and clinicians. Everyone here is dedicated to creating an environment in which students can thrive, learn, grow, and become world-class ethical professionals who can stand shoulder to shoulder with graduates of the world's best dental schools. The college aims to provide the students with technology-enhanced and research-led education, so the institution is building facilities that will include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the most cutting-edge learning tools available anywhere in the world.


The mission of the institution is to provide a high-end curriculum that will possess international standards. Plus, it also aims to provide a blend of multiple teaching methodologies.


The vision of the institution is to provide students with a mixture of subject oriented learning, specifically during their first year. Offering modular teaching methods and giving clinical skills training, the colleges boast to guarantee a full-fledged integration of all relevant knowledge and skill domains.

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4. College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy
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Qatar is a nation that always moves up towards development and so does every college present here. The College of Pharmacy is Qatar's first and only college that offers a pharmacy degree programme. The College offers a 5-year BSc (Pharmacy), a 6-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), a 2-year MSc (Pharm), and a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree program (Ph.D.). The Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs has fully accredited the programme as the first international programme (CCAPP). To support the academic and research missions, the institution collaborates with local and international educational and healthcare institutions. Furthermore, the Continuing Professional Pharmacy Development (CPPD) programme is the first in Qatar to be accredited as a provider of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development (CME/CPD) by the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) from the United States. Pharmacological sciences and clinical pharmacy and practice are two areas of research strength for the College. It is important to note that these qualities are in line with Qatar's National Development Strategy (NDS). With excellence and innovation in pharmacy education, research, and service as a goal, the College aspires to advance healthcare in Qatar and the world.


  • Foster knowledge and skill integration, as well as the general and professional abilities of the students through systematic ability-based courses that include the following areas: There are several fields of study in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To combine knowledge with practical experience in order to advance one's career path and development.
  • Contribute to practitioners' professional education.
  • To advance pharmaceutical and health outcomes through internally and externally funded independent and collaborative research, and to disseminate the results of these efforts at well-known local, regional, and international conferences, as well as in high-quality peer-reviewed journals.
  • To create an intellectual and academic environment conducive to the recruitment and development of qualified faculty.


With excellence and innovation in pharmacy education, research, and service as a goal, the College aspires to advance healthcare in Qatar and the world. To train the students to deliver optimal pharmaceutical care and increase health care outcomes, to foster research and intellectual engagement, and to serve as a pharmacy resource for Qatar, the Middle East, and the rest of the globe. Pharmacy education, research, and service excellence will advance healthcare in Qatar as well as around the world. Encourage professionalism, respect, commitment, and innovation in your team members by instilling the following qualities in them.

What Is The Cost Of Medical Studies In Qatar?

What Is The Cost Of Medical Studies In Qatar

The tuition policy at Weill Cornell Medical College is the same as at Cornell University in the United States. As a result, a medical degree will be prohibitively expensive, costing c. The annual salary is $60,000. There are a variety of financial help alternatives. On the other hand, Qatar University simply charges c. $16,000 in the first year of medical school, rising to over $33,000 by the sixth year.

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Studying abroad is a dream for many. So, for those who want to pursue medical studies, Qatar is all set for you. With four of the best medical colleges in Qatar, you definitely will have a good time studying here. From faculty to staff and infrastructure to courses, everything is A - one. So, what are you waiting for then, check out these colleges and book your Qatar flight tickets today, and don't forget the paperwork!


Q1. How long will it take to study medicine in Qatar?

The full medical program lasts for six years in Qatar. It also depends on which program are you applying for.

Q2. Which are the best universities in Qatar?

The best universities in Qatar are Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar University, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and Texas A&M University in Qatar.

Q3. What is the average cost of studying in Qatar?

International students in Qatar often pay the same costs as local students. The cost of tuition is estimated to be around $20,000 per year. Tuition rates at certain universities are calculated per credit hour. Each semester, a student should finish 12 credit hours worth between $2,600 and $3,300.

Q4. Which are the best medical colleges in Qatar?

The best medical colleges in Qatar are the College of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, College of Dental Medicine, and Weill Cornell Medical College. Students who are willing to take medical programs in Qatar can opt for these colleges.

Q5. Is Weill Cornell Medical College any good?

Yes, Weill Cornell Medical College is applying for, in fact, it is said to be the finest medical school in Qatar. The college requires the same pre-medical education as American medical schools in order to get admitted. However, instead of obtaining a bachelor's degree first, you can join the medical school from the undergraduate level.

Q6. Is Qatar a suitable country for medical students?

Yes, Qatar is suitable for medical students. The country now boasts 4 medical colleges, namely Weill Cornell Medical College, College of Pharmacy, College of Medicine, and College of Dental Medicine. Students can choose their desired college. Also, the country has several attractions that the students can visit in their free time.

Q7. What is the best time to visit in Qatar?

The best to visit Qatar is in the months from November to December. This span is often called the peak season, as most travelers visit during this time. The weather is comfortable and the temperature is mild as well, and thus makes the perfect environment for visitors to enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer.

Q8. What are the best places to visit in Qatar?

Qatar houses some of the finest locations in the Middle East. Visitors can opt to visit some top places like - Souq Waqif, National Museum of Qatar, Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, Banana Island, Purple Island, Al Thakira Natural Reserve, Doha Corniche, Pearl Qatar, etc.