Qatar is characterized by its diversity in various aspects, and education is one of the most essential parts of the country. The country houses prestigious colleges and satellite colleges of the esteemed colleges in the education city. Qatar has been focusing on empowering its youth for choosing better career opportunities given the future of a country is associated with the current and future generations of a country. Contributing a significant role in the petroleum industry Qatar has been one of the richest countries, and utilizing the resource it has been investing ruminatively in improving the education system. There is plenty of government and private universities in Qatar, and Lusail University is one such entity of its kind that harmonizes with Qatar National Vision 2030.

About the Lusail University In Qatar

About the Lusail University In Qatar

Development of a country is directly proportional to the development of its citizen. The vision of Qatar 2030 ensures a certain level of potential, growth and competitive drive that leads them to be the stanchion of the country and support in the evolution. Lusail university has a clear insight laying a concrete base inclined towards modern and innovative education in Qatar. The university aims to nurture bright minds and harvest the best results possible.

Vision Of The University

Vision Of The University

For the success of any university, it must have a distinguished vision. The university of Lusail envisions to be, a leading institution known for the superior quality of education in Qatar. Every private university dreams to be a recognized education institution so does Lusail university. It constantly thrives to be a regionally recognized academic institution, and achieve an international stature in community services and research projects

Mission Of Lusail University

Mission Of Lusail University

Being the first private national university in Qatar, Lusail university integrates highly advanced educational programs. However, contributing to the preparation of highly qualified trainees and human resources at national and international levels is always the priority. It further promotes sustainable development in harmony with the QNV2030 and accentuates services towards the community, while providing a progressive environment for all kinds of researches and production of knowledge.

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Strategic Goals Of The University

The university has stated the goals in the seven below mentioned points

1. Equal opportunities to student

The university aims to provide equal opportunities and liberty to students in accessing sources of knowledge with various recreational facilities. These facilities eventually help in the overall development of students. The facilities and programs rendered to the student are weaved around their academic curriculum, passions, hobbies and potentials, conferring a scope for their general and practical growth.

2. Achievement of goals

The university provides a secure environment to students for their goal orientation and achievement while respecting their privacy. The university also incorporates a diversity of nations in students and teachers. Maintaining privacy, the university of Lusail boosts confidence and help students to choose a career path while aiding them with resources

3. Application and Training

The two integral parts of the institution are application and training, which the university provides considering the objectives and subjective conditions. These training and application replicate the approaches and methods, that are executed by the finest national, international, local and government universities.

4. Integrated Scientific researches

The university administration attaches great importance to scientific research as it is one of the criteria that highlight the more advanced universities across the world.

5. Masters and doctoral programs

The university aims to develop master and doctoral programs with various specializations in cooperation with a high ranked education institution. Further, Lusail University provides opportunities and helps the graduate student to pursue their studies in Qatar instead of travelling to any other country.

6. Measurement of economic sector

For making sync with the measurements of economic sectors, the university sets its needs with the participation of the economic sectors within the academic curriculum.

7. Economic sector and academic sector

The participation of economic sectors with the university to define the academic programs and measures various economic sectors of the national and international universities.

Established Keys To Success

Established Keys To Success
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There are objectives that any institution or established entity sets and follows that leads to the successful path of its career. These objectives are unidirectional and well thought, keeping the visions and missions in mind. The Lusail university has 7 keys that will hold it firmly on the route towards becoming a pioneering private institute building robust careers.

Private University

Being the first private national university in Qatar, Lusail university aims to be the pioneer of its kind.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Programs offered by Lusail University are distinct concerning the diversity of knowledge with the objective of developing the graduates for the local and international market and nurture their graduates to seek and take appropriate jobs.


The university not only focuses on students' academic growth but, aim is to ensure overall development. Grooming the students to be better community leaders is yet another integral part of the holistic approach. Keeping that in mind, the importance of integrity accentuates given in parallelism and association with Qatar Vision 2030.

Career Services

Academically sound students are of least significance to the nation until they have appropriate jobs. Choosing a correct career path is necessary to reap results out of the struggles, and resources that were utilized. The university gives equal opportunities to the students and helps them throughout to establish their careers and contribute to the economy. In Lusail university, career is given utmost importance, and students are trained to stand their ground in their respective industries.

Academic Staff

The university of Lusail has two dedicated groups within the staff. Group one comprises eminent teachers who were graduated from leading universities and have the capabilities to render quality education to the higher education sector in Qatar. The second group comprises senior personnel from specialized courses such as law, business etc. to share their experience with the students and prepare them for the competition.

Multi-Testing Method

There are various methods of testing the knowledge that the students have gained throughout their session. This College in Qatar executes traditionally written tests, research projects and applied projects, and apart from that special tests are conducted that are related to community services. These tests eventually help students to partake in the surroundings and have a holistic approach to development

Licensing projects

During the first year, the university ensures to provide a ready to use study program in the kingdom of Morocco. In the second year, the programs offered focus on various disciplines such as modern science, engineering and energy etc.

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Admission In Lusail University

Admission In Lusail University
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In the university, there is a dedicated department named, Lusail University Admission Department, which is responsible for the admission procedure. There are specific academic programs for students. Admission to the courses is based on the competition and under their capability and potential. At Lusail University, the admissions procedure is very smooth. Here are the required criteria.

Admission Requirements

  1. Applicant are required to have high school diploma or its equivalent.
  2. Applicants should have completed a foundation year after the eleventh grade, IGCSE, O-level, or its equivalent (from educational institutions approved by the Qatari Ministry of Education and Higher Education).
  3. Applicants must have

a) 65% in high school, or its equivalent

b) 65% GPA in the foundation year consisting of five subjects at least, including two course requirements.

4. Students who lack the high school GPA requirement can apply to Lusail university

a) The GPA or its equivalent should not be less than (50%).

b) Meeting the admission requirements.

c) Must Pass the placement test prepared by Lusail University.

Colleges & Programs

Colleges & Programs
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Various programs are executed by the university, with a holistic approach of rendering theoretical and practical knowledge. Here is a list of colleges and programs in the university:

  • College of Law
  • College of commerce and business
  • College of education and art
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At Lusail university, tuition fees can be paid via various methods also, it depends on the number of courses and credit hours that student avails every semester. The payment is made quarterly and, if any student fails to pay the fee, the student is not allowed in the next semester.  For more information, students can check the official website of Lusail university. The unique thing is that this university in Qatar, is the first of its kind, and everything impeccably planned to ensure success in making it the pioneer of private colleges.


Q1. Where is Lusail University located?

Building no. 333, zone 69, street 100, Jabal Thuaileb, Lusail City Doha, Qatar

Q2. How many courses & education programs are there at Lusail University?

Here is a list of colleges and programs that are included in the university are:

  • College of Law
  • College of commerce and business
  • College of education and art
Q3. For admission, how much CGPA is required, in the university of Lusail?

The required CGPA is 65% in high school or its equivalent.

Q4. I don’t have the required high School CGPA, can i apply for admission?

Students who lack the high school GPA requirement can apply to Lusail university. They must not have a CGPA, less than 50% and must fulfil the other requirement and clear the placement test prepared by Lusail University.

Q5. What are the charges for Lusail university admission application?

The total tuition fee is a sum of many charges that include admission application (QAR100), Placement test fees (QAR 150), Registrations fees (QAR 2500) and foundation program earned per hour (QAR 1500).

Q6. What are the factors on which the fee structure of Lusail University depends?

The fee structure depends on the number of courses and credit hours that student avails every semester. Students ought to deposit the fee quarterly.

Q7. What is the aim and mission of Lusail university?

The university of Lusail envisions to be a leading institution known for the superior quality of education in Qatar. Lusail university integrates highly advanced educational programs intending to contribute to the preparation of highly qualified trainees and human resources.

Q8. How is Lusail university better than other universities?

Lusail University focuses on human development, which is a very essential component of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Besides being a homegrown university, it has a close association with the University of Morocco. This gives students advanced exposure.