Al Khor, the historical hamlet of Qatar geared up for a footballing carnival like no other. The city was home to one of the venues for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in the country. Al Bayt Stadium Qatar, also known as the Al Khor Stadium, was a world-class arena. Boasting of its unique design and international standards of facilities, this was an arena that was set to play a big hand in making the world cup a big success.

Want to know more? Let's dive deep and understand more about the iconic Stadium.

Al Bayt Stadium Qatar: An Epitome of Future Constructions

Al Bayt stadium Qatar: An Epitome of Future Constructions

Delivered by Aspire zone foundation, Al Bayt stadium inspired by Bayt al sha'ar that were tents, historically used by nomads in Qatar and Gulf region, is a must visit. The stadium entices people from far off land and entertains them by hosting traditional programs and sports. The stadium is said to have a design that honors the past, present and future of Qatar. The stadium will be a model of green development holding on to the firm goal of sustainability. The Al Bayt stadium Qatar is a state-of-the-art venue which is an is an epitome of future constructions.

The Al Bayt Stadium Design & Seating Capacity

Al Bayt Stadium Design & Seating Capacity
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Now here's a thing, Al Khor is one of the oldest cities in Qatar, and hosting the world cup here means huge for the natives in the city. Keeping in line with the history of the region, the Al Bayt Stadium design derives its name and design from the historical tents (also known as Bayt al sha'ar) that were used by nomadic people in the historic times and are a clear reflection of the culture of the country.

As the stadium geared up to welcome football fans from around the world, the design of the arena was set to be a major highlight. In fact, the stadium features a tent-like structure for its exterior which was the main highlight while there was a world-class football facility in its interior. So, as far as the design of Al Khor Stadium is concerned, football fans were certainly in for a unique spectacle.

Seating Capacity of Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor

Al Bayt Stadium, the host venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022™ was a focal point for all the football lovers and was a striking sight for any football fan or traveler. The Al Bayt stadium capacity of 60,000 is something you’ll have never seen before. A giant tent structure covered the entire stadium, located in the northern city of Al Khor.

Sustainability Factor at the Al Khor Stadium

Sustainability Factor With The Al Khor Stadium 2022
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Sustainability has been a major driving factor as far as the world cup venues are concerned in Qatar. Right since the construction of the Al Khor Stadium began in Qatar, tremendous efforts had been laid in order to meet the international standards of sustainability. From conserving energy and water to minimizing the negative impact on the environment, the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor had it all covered. Here's more on the same.

Sustainability in Al Bayt Stadium Design

Now here's a thing, the Al Bayt Stadium had one of the most unique designs of all and was a top-class venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in the country. But as far as sustainability is concerned, the design of the stadium was a great reflection of that. The stadium’s exterior formed a tent-like design that protected the interior from the desert heat to a great extent. This is significant to note because of the fact that such a structure eventually assisted the cooling system of the stadium and helped keep the visitors and even the pitch cool.

Interestingly, the far-reaching lightweight canopies of the Al Bayt Stadium played a big hand in ensuring the pitch gets enough shade. Hence, as far as the design of the stadium is concerned, no stones had been left unturned in following the highest standards of sustainability.

The Presence of a Green Belt

Qatar had laid immense emphasis on the protection of the environment and the surroundings of the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor are a living example of that. It was projected that there would be a green belt that would be developed right from the stadium all the way to the sea. With facilities like parks, green spaces, water features, and so much more, the region around the Al Bayt Stadium was set to see a massive makeover in wake of the ongoing development in the region.

What was fascinating was the size of the park, which was equivalent to the size of 30 football pitches. For travelers coming to Al Khor, this was set to be a major highlight apart from the sporting arena. With pedestrian walkways lined up with trees to the development of the massive green belt, Qatar was making all the efforts to ensure that the environmental impact is next to none.

Transportation to be Taken Care of

Qatar is a small nation and traveling from one place to another here wasn't a big hassle for travelers. Hence, as far as sustainability is concerned, different facilities were being set up to cut short the travel time to the Al Bayt Stadium. By providing multiple modes of transport, the idea was to lessen the traffic on the roads which would eventually lead to a minimal impact on the environment and make travel much easier and shorter for the fans during the FIFA World Cup in the country.

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Immense Legacy of Al Bayt Stadium Qatar

The stadium was attracting people from across the world. The innovation and design had already created hype among people. Thus, the infrastructure had to leave a legacy for the coming years. The excitement for the arena kept growing while praising the mindset and ideology behind its design and execution.

Reduced Seating

Reduced Seating

The grandeur of the stadium was evident from the number of spectators. The stadium could accommodate approximately 60,000 football fans, even thoughthe FIFA World Cup 2022™match was watched by millions of people across the globe. Once the tournament was over, the seats were removed and handed over to the football development project around the world. Qatar encouraged an active life through sports leading to healthy lifestyles. The initiative was taken by Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) and Aspire Zone Foundation, the SC stakeholder that delivered this amazing venue.

Extensive Amenities

Extensive Amenities

The stadium was very spacious to accommodate the FIFA lovers who wished to watch the match right from the Al Bayt stadium Qatar. But once FIFA 2022 was over, the arena was transformed into modern amenities such as a shopping complex, restaurants, gymnasium, gadget store etc. After the tournament local people got more amenities that contributed towards making their life convenient.

Concourse to be Converted into a Hotel -

Concourse To Be Converted Into A Hotel

The world was excited about the FIFA World Cup 2022 andwas looking forward to the matches with sheer enthusiasm. It was decided that the moment the result was declared, Qatar would begin a new project at the earliest. The gigantic Al khor stadium would see a new transformation, its upper concourse would be converted into a luxurious 5-star hotel, that would embrace people from all across the world. Qatar was all set to give multiple surprises to the visitors who were planning to visit the country during the match. If you hadn't planned a trip, then you should not miss the opportunity.

Running Tracks and Fitness Facilities -

Running tracks and Fitness Facilities

Qatar is very thoughtful about the health and fitness of its countrymen and has been working towards its improvement. Along with many other initiatives, Qatar had also set itself up for making various tracks at the arena. The tracks include running, cycling, along with developing other fitness centers.  Just thinking about coming to Al Bayt stadium and living the essence of its legacy would swell up the chest of the county men with pride.

The Al Khor Stadium After the FIFA World Cup

Al Khor Stadium After The FIFA World Cup
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It isn't difficult to understand why Al Bayt Stadium is one of the best places to visit in Qatar on a tour. Every football fan loved to see this world-class FIFA venue in the making. But hang on, what about the legacy of the stadium? Did you know what happened to the stadium once the FIFA event came to its conclusion in the country? Here's what you need to know.

Reduced Seating Capacity

Now here's a thing, once the FIFA World Cup was over, the Al Khor Stadium would have a reduced seating capacity of 32000 as opposed to the original 60,000 capacity. Since the Al Bayt Stadium had been constructed with a modern aspect, most of the seats in the arena were removable and were donated to football development projectsfar and wide. The new capacity was, in fact, perfect for post-world cup events while less seating also meant more space for other facilities.

World-Class Facilities to Follow

One of the finest features of the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor was the range of facilities after the world cup. The upper concourse of the stadium was converted into a five-star hotel while there were a number of facilities coming in like a shopping center, food court, gym, multipurpose hall, and so much more.

A New Home for Aspeter

Aspeter, one of the world's leading sports medicine facilities found its home at the stadium. This in turndrew athletes from around the world to Al Khor.

Multiple Facilities Around the Arena

As far as facilities were concerned, the Al Bayt Stadium had a lot outside the stadium as well. Keeping up with the healthy living legacy of the region, there were facilities set up like tracks for running, cycling, and camel riding alongside a range of other attractions.

Not only this, but the arena also featured parks, playing areas, restaurants, and even food kiosks outside the arena.

Top Places To Stay Near Al Khor Stadium

You might be tempted to take a tour of the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. So, here are some of the top places to stay near the Al Khor Stadium upon your visit.

1. Al Sultan Beach Resort

Al Sultan Beach Resort
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Al Sultan Beach Resort is one of the finest accommodations situated in an ancient fishing village site of Qatar near Al Bayt stadium. It offers guests one of the finest holiday experiences with its spacious rooms and suites. People will be awe struck by the elegant interiors and finest amenities offered along with the most elegant restaurant.

The beach resort offers guests the most delicious seafood along with several foods with an Italian twist, a heavenly treat to the taste buds. The best part is the swimming pool where guests can relax and enjoy the snacks served to them along with the stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. Guests have ensured the most comfortable holiday experience with facilities like free parking facility, en-suite bathrooms, Jacuzzi, water sports, and so much more.

Rating – 4/5

Location - P.O. Box 60002, Al Khor, Qatar

Exclusive Features -

  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Health club
  • Tennis court
  • Meeting Rooms
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2. Simaisma, A Murwab Resort

Simaisma, A Murwab Resort
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Those looking to enjoy the true essence of luxury on their holiday in Al Khor, Simaisma, A Murwab Resort is a match made in heaven for them. With over 52 villas equipped with the perfect amount of comfort and care, guests will never want to leave. There are several facilities guests can take advantage of while staying at the resort.

The resort is an absolute dream when it comes to experiencing the best cuisine at Awtar Restaurant to the best snacks at Infinity Restaurant. What more can anyone ask for when it comes to enjoying the best of everything. Mokha Lounge and Pure Blend Juice bar are places people should explore for the best drinks and snacks. A gym, spa facility, internet access, free parking is some of the additional facilities people can enjoy while staying at the resort.

Rating - 4.5

Location - zone 70, street 3043, building 33، Sumaysimah, Qatar

Exclusive Features -

  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Dining
  • Pool

3. Mondrian Doha

Mondrian Doha
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Located in the center of a bustling city, Mondrian adds a contemporary style to it highlighting the chic ambience. The amalgamation of ancient and modern world, this landmark near Al Bayt stadium has become very popular over time. Given the amazing infrastructure and interiors, the Mondrian hotel is a new evolution in the city. The design and styling portray the narrative of 'Arabian night' but with a modern touch. Apart From that you will get great food in their inhouse restaurants such as Wakima restaurant such as smoke and mirrors. There are open rooftop bars as well where you can enjoy yourself with your partner.

Rating: 8

Location: 30-40 minutes from Doha

Exclusive features

  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Meeting rooms
  • Gym ESPA

4. Grand Hayat

Grand Hayat
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The 5-star hotel can be very conveniently reached from Hamad international airport. This accommodation near Al Bayt stadium is definitely the best hotel in Qatar to stay in. The hotel has 249 chic rooms and 91 spacious villas with optimum luxury. With basic amenities and all lavish amenities such.

Rating: 8

Location: 30-40 minutes from Doha

Exclusive features

  • Fitness Center
  • 24x7 Concierge
  • Meeting facility
  • Pool

How To Reach the Al Khor Stadium in Qatar?

How To Reach the Al Khor Stadium in Qatar

Al Bayt stadium has very good connectivity with the Metro line. You can also travel via hired taxis, public buses or rental bikes. Even the Doha metro would provide great assistance.

With eight world-class arenas including the Al Bayt Stadium Qatar, the Middle East is all set for more such events such as the FIFA World Cup. As for the Al Khor Stadium, the arena is equipped with all modern facilities and has become the major talking point in recent years.

Excited? Well, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, book your flight to Qatar and come witness the greatness of this stadium.


What is the design of the Al Bayt Stadium?

Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium design is like a tent that resembles the nomadic tents of Qatar. The exterior part of the PTFE membrane is covered in traditional red, black, and white colors.

Q2. When will the Al Bayt Stadium be completed?

the Al Khor Football Stadium is in the final stages of its completion and will soon be ready to host the greatest footballing competition on earth. While the tunnels from which the players would emerge during the FIFA World Cup are ready, the 60,000 seats and the stadium's inner architecture remain in the final stages of construction.

Q3. Why is the tent-like structure important for Al Bayt Stadium?

The stadium’s exterior forms a tent-like design that protects the interior from the desert heat to a great extent. This is significant to note because of the fact that such a structure eventually assists the cooling system of the stadium and helps keep the visitors and even the pitch cool.

Q4. When will the FIFA World Cup 2022 kick-off?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 would kick off in the winter of 2022 and end with the final on the 18th of December 2022. This would not only be the first world cup in the Middle East but would also be the first-ever winter would cup in the Northern Hemisphere.

Q5. Which is the best time to visit Qatar on a holiday?

The best time to visit Qatar on a holiday is between November and March. As opposed to summers, this is the time when the country records mild temperatures and sightseeing is much easier compared to the rest of the year.

Q6. How many FIFA World Cup matches would be played at the Al Khor Stadium in Qatar?

From the start till the end of the competition, there will be a total of 9 matches that will be played at the new Al Khor Stadium including the round of 16, quarter-final, and semi-final tie. Interestingly, the Al Bayt Stadium would also be the venue for the very first match of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on the 21st of November 2022.

Q7. What will happen to the Al Bayt Stadium after the world cup?

Once the FIFA World Cup gets over, the Al Khor Stadium would have a reduced seating capacity of 32000 as opposed to the original 60,000 capacity. Apart from this, the stadium would see a wide range of facilities coming in and around it which would all be available to the community here.

Q8. Which are the nearest places to stay from Al Bayt Stadium?

Al Sultan Beach Resort and Simaisma Resort are the only two accommodation options available in Al Khor. Apart from this, travelers can also opt to stay at hotels in Doha as there is not much difference between Al Khor and the capital of Qatar.