Nestled in the Al Rayyan Municipality, Abu Samra is a beautiful settlement in Qatar. Located about 90 km from Doha, Abu Samra was a part of Jariyan al Batnah municipality which was later integrated into Al Rayyan. If you are looking forward to spending a day in tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle, then undoubtedly you should visit the charming Abu Samra Beach, Qatar. Adorning crystal-clear turquoise water, sandy shores, blue sky, and placid ambiance, the beach is a paradise for nature lovers. One can relax on the picturesque beach and enjoy a break from the humdrum with your loved ones for a soul-soothing experience.

Abu Samra Beach Qatar: A Charming Beach Adorning a Pristine Touch

Abu Samra Beach Qatar

Festooned with all the colors of nature, Abu Samra Beach embraces a charismatic beauty for all beach lovers. Named after a local tree Samr which is used as fodder for camels, Abu Samra settlement is one of the most fascinating places to go in Doha. The dramatic shoreline offers a perfect pristine touch, that one wants for a soothing vacation retreat. Swim in the saline waters, exfoliate with the sparkling sands and experience a full body detox while basking in the sun. Absorb the vitamin D and feel the positive vibes of the incredible vistas to enjoy a day in nature’s lap.

The lustrous black rocks on the beach make it different from the other beaches in Qatar. One can sit on the black rocks and practice meditation or witness the mesmerizing scenes of the sunset views. One can also go for morning or evening walks and embrace the calmness of the shoreline for complete peace of mind. The beach looks even more beautiful during night time when one can witness the dotted gleaming lightning at the shoreline and relish the romantic ambiance. As the beach is serene, one should carry all the necessary amenities like water, medicines, mats, umbrellas and food if you don’t want to travel from here for a hassle-free picnic.

Activities To Enjoy on the Abu Samra Beach

Abu Samar Beach is a charming place for a staycation to recharge yourselves amidst the tranquil ambiance. Let's have a look at the thrilling activities that one can enjoy on this beach with your loved ones.

1. Relax in the Cozy Ambiance

Relax in the Cozy Ambiance

One can plan a perfect picnic in Abu Samra and visit the beach for relaxation therapy with your family. Relish family time and beach activities for a nice picnic on the coast.

2. Enjoy Swimming in the Crystal-Clear Waters

Enjoy Swimming in the Crystal-Clear Waters

You can enjoy swimming or just feel the swirling of turquoise waves through your body amidst the surreal beauty of nature. Visiting this charming beach and enjoying water adventure is one of the best things to do in Qatar.

3. Stroll on the Dramatic Shoreline

Stroll on the Dramatic Shoreline

You can stroll around the dramatic coastline with your family and friends. Witness the mesmerizing sunset views and relax in the tranquil ambiance. Among all the beaches in Qatar, Abu Samra Beach is a placid place to spend quality time.

4. Savor Delicious Cuisines in the Nearby Restaurants

Savor Delicious Cuisines in the Nearby Restaurants

You can visit the nearby restaurants and cafes to satisfy your cravings after spending a whole day on the beach. Enjoy exotic cuisines and beverages for that extra punch of taste of fantastic food in Qatar.

5. Visit the Sea- Caves Water Park Nearby

Visit the Sea- Caves Water Park Nearby

If you want some extra leisure time on your beach day and want to enjoy more activities and hospitality, then you can visit the Sea- Caves Water Park which is located in the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas near the beach.

6. Enjoy Beach Activities

Enjoy Beach Activities

Among all the activities to do in Qatar, playing on the beach attracts most of the kids. One can carry all the beach playing equipment and the kids can have a fun time doing several activities on the charming beach for a refreshing experience amidst natural vibes.

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Resort Near Abu Samar Beach: Enjoy World-Class Hospitality Amidst Natural Vistas

If you want to spend more time in the natural scenery and you are looking for a comfortable place, then you can visit the nearby resort.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas
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Offering every luxury and comfort, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort is a must to visit destination for a soul-satisfying experience. Revive amidst the heavenly ambiance and soothe your eyes with the picture-perfect views of the mesmerizing beach. One can spend a few days in the resort and relax in the cozy surroundings with your loved ones. Nestled on the Abu Samra Beach Doha, the resort is packed to the brim with fascinating things to make your holiday a memorable one.

Here is a list of amazing things you can do at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas for a Soul-Satisfying Experience.

  1. Savor Amazing Cuisines at deluxe restaurants
  2. Enjoy soothing spa treatments
  3. Relax in the opulent ambiance
  4. Enjoy at the Sea-Caves water park
  5. Relish world-class hospitality in the lavish resort
  6. Enjoy fun activities on the beach
  7. Stroll on the waterfront-promenade
  8. Spend quality time in the swimming pools
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Restaurants Near Abu Samara Beach: For a Scrumptious Meal after the Fun on Beach

Restaurants Near Abu Samara Beach: For a Scrumptious Meal after the Fun on Beach

After spending a fun day at the beach, what else do we need apart from delicious food? Although there are no fancy cafes or restaurants on the beach but one can visit a few kms and find numerous restaurants and savor amazing cuisines while enjoying a long drive amidst fresh sea air with your special ones.

Here are a few cherry-picked restaurants near Abu Samara Beach to satisfy your cravings with flavorsome food.

1. Dante Cucina Italiana

Dante Cucina Italiana
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The sumptuous restaurant is located inside the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas. Offering every flavor right from Italy, the restaurant will enrich your tastebuds with Italian flavors. Enjoy exotic cuisines and beverages for a soul-feeding experience in this Qatar restaurant. The opulent ambiance and sophistication of the eatery will make you experience a world-class culinary experience. With every cuisine cooked with love and special dexterity, the eatery adorns a beautiful interior and comfortable seating space for a perfect dining.

2. Kanari Al Shame Restaurant

Kanari Al Shame Restaurant

Kanari Al Sham is a deluxe restaurant in Qatar, serving delicious Syrian Grills and Sandwiches for a finger-licking experience. Enjoy exotic flavors and get a chance to experience a world-class Syrian hospitality in Qatar. One can also savor delicious beverages both hot and cold and enjoy the food in a sophisticated ambiance. When you are tired from all the beach adventure, do visit this restaurant in Qatar to enrich your tastebuds with Syrian flavors.

Location of Abu Samra Beach

The beach is located about 90 kms from Al Rayyan. You can travel from Doha to Abu Samra Beach by a local taxi, bus or you can drive along the Salwa Road to reach the destination.

Dress Code for the Beach

  • One should dress up modestly and should respect the culture and traditions of the country.
  • Bikinis and revealing swimwear should be avoided.

Extra Tips for the Abu Samra Beach

  • Don’t litter around and keep the beach area clean.
  • Respect the culture and dress up properly.
  • Carry important amenities along with you as the place is placid.
  • Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen along.
  • Avail of the best travel packages and visit Qatar to visit the beach.
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Adorning picture-perfect views, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and a placid ambiance, the captivating Abu Samra Beach in Qatar, is a perfect getaway amidst natural beauty. Are you a beach lover and want to explore the amazing shoreline away from the monotonous city’s routine? Then, what are you waiting for? Avail of the best tour packages of Qatar and visit this surreal beauty for a lifetime experience. Enjoy the world-class hospitality in the nearby resorts and taste amazing cuisines in the deluxe restaurants for a delightful holiday.


Q1. What is Abu Samra?

Abu Samra is a beautiful settlement located near the coast near Al Rayyan, Qatar. One can visit this place to experience a tranquil time with your loved ones.

Q2. What is the best time to visit Abu Samra, Qatar?

The best time to visit Abu Samra is between October and the end of April.At this time, the weather is pleasant and cool as compared to other months.

Q3. Does Abu Samra have any beaches?

Yes, the charming settlement of Abu Samra adorns a beautiful beach which is known as the Abu Samra Beach, Qatar. This is a serene beach where one can enjoy quality time away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Q4. What are the activities one can enjoy on Abu Samra Beach?

One can enjoy beach activities like:

  • Relax in the Cozy Ambiance
  • Enjoy Swimming in the Crystal-Clear Waters
  • Stroll on the Dramatic Shoreline
  • Visit the Sea- Caves Water Park Nearby
  • Savor Delicious Cuisines in the Nearby Restaurants
Q5. Is there any resort located near the Abu Samra Beach, Qatar?

Yes, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas is a very famous deluxe resort located near the Abu Samra Beach in Qatar. One can visit the world-class resort to relish tranquil time with family and friends.

Q6. What can I wear to Abu Samra Beach?

One should dress up decently on Abu Samra Beach and strictly follow the country’s guidelines for a hassle-free holiday experience in Qatar. One should respect the culture and traditions of the country.

Q7. Are there any restaurants near Abu Samra Beach in Qatar?

Yes, there are some sumptuous restaurants located near Abu Samra Beach in Qatar where one can savor amazing cuisines. The two famous restaurants are:

  • Dante Cucina Italiana
  • Kanari Al Shame Restaurant
Q8. What are some travel tips for Abu Samra Beach, Qatar?

The travel tips are:

  • Respect the traditions and dress up decently.
  • Do carry important amenities along as the beach is tranquil.
  • Take your sunglasses and sunscreen along with you.
  • Don’t miss the mesmerizing sunset views