If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking for some fun, then Sky Zone Khobar is the perfect place for you. It's the first trampoline park in Saudi Arabia and is an extremely popular destination, with numerous trampoline platforms and pits of sponge blocks. Here you can enjoy several amazing activities, like freestyle jumping and the ultimate dodgeball, for a lot of fun with your family and friends. It's one of the most entertaining places, with tonnes of different party packages and awesome events. So, get ready to enjoy these exciting experiences and spend a memorable day with your loved ones.

Best Activities to Try in Sky Zone Khobar

Best Activities to Try in Sky Zone Khobar

Trampoline parks are one of the hottest trends when it comes to recreation, whether with family, friends, colleagues, or classmates. It’s a combination of fun, excitement, sports, and exercises and helps in fat burning, bone and muscle development, normalizing blood regulation, and many more things. The Sky Zone Khobar is one of those amazing places where you can get rid of your dullness and have great refreshment. Below, we have listed some of the activities that you must try for a lovely experience.

  • Freestyle Jumping
  • Dodgeball
  • Foam Zone
  • Sky Line
  • Sky Ladder
  • Volleyball
  • Rock Climbing
  • Sky Joust

1. Freestyle Jumping

Freestyle Jumping

Apart from fun and excitement, freestyle jumping also provides unpredictability, giving you a new form of adventure. It exercises the whole body and helps build muscle and burn fat quickly. Sky Zone’s freestyle jumping is one of the top things to do in Al Khobar and is good for both kids and adults. Here you will get an opportunity to compete against your buddy and display your inner acrobat to achieve a new level of success. Also, it’s a fantastic indoor exercise that gives you an adrenaline rush.

2. Dodgeball

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Dodgeball is a game full of enthusiasm and is played with an amazing team spirit. It brings the childhood game to another level and offers players a brand-new way to enjoy time with their family and friends. Sky Zone, Dammam will give you an opportunity to play this inclusive team sport that will help you to improve the core skills of catching, throwing, movement, and agility. It also increases team spirit and is an ideal all-around workout with several key benefits.

3. Foam Zone

Foam Zone

If you want to do something fun with your kids, a foam pit is the best option. It can be played both by adults and children, as it is harmless and full of entertainment. Sky Zone, one of the best places to visit in Al Khobar, offers you an ideal area to practice your daring stunts safely with a pool of huge foam squares. It is the perfect spot to perform acrobatics and fall gently with a cloud like feeling. The foam cubes are available in several colors to match the mood and theme of your park.

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4. Sky Line

Sky Line
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If you love to balance while standing on the skyline, Sky Zone in Dammam is the place you must visit. You can spend time flying in the air and jumping off, which is another means of exercise to improve strength and balance. This will help you to win your balance challenge through continuous efforts and will make your body flexible in the process. It's completely safe and is fun for both kids and adults. This also helps to boost the confidence and create the skill to walk the full length of it without tumbling.

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5. Sky Ladder

Sky Ladder

Sky Ladder is a challenging game in which you have to climb the fidget ladder to the top and plant your flag. However, if you didn’t succeed, then fall into the padding below, get up, and try again. Known as one of the best places to visit in Dammam, Sky Zone gives you an opportunity to try this amazing activity with your loved ones. This is a type of skill challenge that helps you improve balance and coordination.

6. Volleyball


Packed with thrills, bumps, spikes, and sets, volleyball is a brilliant, high-speed game that requires athleticism, power, and endurance. If you want to play volleyball in Dammam, then Sky Zone is the best place for you. Also, you must know the Sky Zone Khobar ticket prices and book one for yourself through the online process. It will be an exhilarating experience playing volleyball with your loved ones. Volleyball is the best way to stay healthy and fit and increase your aerobic ability.

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7. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Do you want to experience a rock-solid sport that can challenge your strength and athleticism? If yes, then go to Sky Zone, one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia, and experience rock climbing. It is the best activity for a person who is generally into fitness, adventure, or wants to try new things. It also helps increase your upper-body strength and requires finger strength, and good footwork. Also, it will be great fun for those who are bored with their monotonous workout routine.

8. Sky Joust

Sky Joust
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Sky Joust is a gladiator-style combat event taking place on pedestals over a foam pit. In this game, you have to compete against your friend in a unique way. It's a fun game both for kids and adults. The Sky Zone Khobar prices for sky joust can found on the official website. This will be an entertaining experience that will help you build strength and make you more active.

Additional Info: Find Out More About Sky Zone Khobar

Find Out More About Sky Zone Khobar
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The Sky Zone has over a hundred locations all over the world, making it one of the best trampoline parks in the world. When it comes to Sky Zone Dammam, it has numerous recreational games distributed appropriately over a spacious area. This is an amazing place to spend some beautiful time jumping around.

Timings: Sunday to Wednesday: 4 PM to 11 PM, Thursday: 4 PM to 12 AM, Friday: 2 PM to 12 AM

Location: Prince Sultan Road, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34235

Facilities: Trampoline, sports games, party halls, restaurants, and a separate activity area for ladies

So, get ready to spend quality and leisure time in a new and enthralling way in Sky Zone Khobar. This place is growing in interest and becoming a popular form of entertainment. From high-performance trampolines and dodgeball to volleyball and sky ladder, here you can enjoy several different activities with your loved ones. This place attracts a lot of family visitors and also arranges several group events and parties. So, avail yourself of the best Saudi Arabia tour packages to enjoy these spectacular experiences and also discover the rich culture and heritage of the country.


Q1. What are the top activities in Sky Zone Khobar?

There are several amazing activities that one can enjoy in Sky Zone Khobar. Below we have listed some of those activities.

  • Freestyle Jumping
  • Dodgeball
  • Foam Zone
  • SkyLine
  • Sky ladder
Q2. What are the open days for Sky Zone in Al Khobar?

The Sky Zone in Al Khobar is open from Monday to Sunday, except for holidays. It's one of the popular destinations, with numerous trampoline platforms and pits of sponge blocks.

Q3. What is the location of Sky Zone Khobar?

Sky Zone Khobar can be found at Prince Sultan Road, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34235. This is an amazing place where one can get rid of all the dullness and have amazing refreshment.

Q4. What are the benefits of freestyle jumping?

Freestyle jumping is a new form of adventure with several health benefits. It is a good exercise for your whole body that helps build muscles and burn fat quickly.

Q5. What are the timings of Sky Zone Khobar?

The timings of Sky Zone Khobar are Sunday to Wednesday: 4 PM to 11 PM, Thursday: 4 PM to 12 AM, Friday: 2 PM to 12 AM. Here you can spend a beautiful time jumping around.

Q6. Does Sky Zone Khobar have any eateries?

The Sky Zone Khobar has a restaurant where one can have delicious meals. This is a family-friendly restaurant offering excellent food that you can enjoy in your leisure time.

Q7. What is Al Khobar famous for?

Al Khobar is a commercial hub with a pleasant seaside atmosphere. It is famously known for shopping, beautiful parks, monuments, and several water activities.

Q8. What are the traditional foods of Dammam?

Some of the best traditional foods of Dammam are Nejdi Kabsa, Yemeni Mandi, Mabshoor, Mitabbak, and Areika. These dishes are quite delicious and are widely used on the local menus.