How about experiencing an extraordinary dining scene in the scenic gulf region? Discovering the palatable organic flavors of Japan in the historic city of AlUla is somewhat an exception to your perceptivity. But Myazu AlUla will prove you wrong this time with its innovative creation that shows a perfect blend of traditions and modern culinary art intertwined with a fusion of Japanese and international flavors. Your AlUla tour will be incomplete without visiting the Myazu AlUla restaurant to gorge on some lustrous delicacies by gazing at the clear sky and the majestic archaeological ruins and magnificent mountains surrounding it. The location itself is so ideal that you would like to hold onto such surreal moments.

Myazu AlUla: Let’s Undertake a Japanese Culinary Journey in the Heart of AlUla


Located in the Shaden resort of AlUla, Myazu AlUla is a Japanese restaurant that offers outdoor seating area near the swimming pool. Best known for the luxurious fine dining experience in AlUla with a unique selection of dishes, Myazu AlUla is itself a journey to undertake, where every bite will depict the blend of passion and creativity which will linger in your mind for a lifetime. Unwind with your friends and family in the best way possible at the best restaurant in Saudi Arabia honored by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants MENA List. Never forget to try out their signature dishes like scallop and foie gras gyoza, yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno, sushi with soy sauce and hot mayonnaise to experience the excellent culinary craftmanship.

Let’s Have a Glimpse of Myazu AlUla

Glimpse of Myazu AlUla
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Location: Shaden Resort, MX57+W9J, AlUla 43528, Saudi Arabia

Opening Hours:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 6 pm to 12 am
  • Thursday & Friday: 6 pm to 1 am

Best Time to Visit: Evening & Night hours

Cuisine: Japanese

Signature Dishes: Wagyu Tataki, Black Cod and Tiger Prawn Gyoza, Marinated Yellowtail Sashimi, Crispy Duck and Watermelon, Chef’s Nigri & Sashimi Platter, Chan San, Black Cod, Wagyu Fillet, Mushroom Takikomi Gohan, Signature Hot Chocolate, Banana Peanut Crumble

Awards & Accolades: Best Japanese & Restaurant of the Year 2023, FACT Dining Award Riyadh, Ranked 15th among MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants Award

How to Reach Myazu AlUla: You can book a cab from your hotel or any location and can directly reach the desired location which is just 15 kilometers (about 9.32 mi) away from the main city.

Nearby Attractions to Visit: AlUla Old Town, Maraya Concert Hall, Hegra, AlManshiyah Plaza, Harrat Viewpoint, Sharaan Nature Reserve, Daimumah, Ashar Valley, AlUla Oasis, Wadi Alfaan

Things to Do Nearby: Take a stroll in the AlUla Old Town & take up culinary expeditions, Guided Desert tours, Hegra Wildlife tour, Explore the Tafoni Store

Nearby Hotels to Stay: Shaden Resort, Banyan Tree AlUla, Caravan by Habitas AlUla, Our Habitas AlUla, Cloud 7 Residence AlUla, Sahary AlUla Resort, Queen Hotel AlUla

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Marvel at the Plated Artistry of Myazu AlUla’s Cuisine

Myazu AlUla’s Cuisine

Dining at Myazu Al Ula is one of the best culinary experiences to savor for a lifetime. With an idyllic whisk of deep-rooted Japanese traditions and a contemporary influence, Myazu’s dishes are curated from locally sourced and fine quality ingredients with healthy attributes. The restaurant takes pride in the culinary mastermind Ian Pengelley for his excellent culinary art which will leave your mind in awe. Go through the comprehensive menu of Myazu, one of the best places to visit in AlUla, that spans from Warm Bites, Dumplings & Sandos, Sashimi, Maki Rolls, Robata, Tempura, Salads & cold dishes, Mixed Nigri & Sashimi, Hot Kitchen, Vegetables & Rice along with refreshing beverages and delicious desserts. Kickstart your gastronomic journey by devouring scrumptious starters like King Crab with Gold Leaf, known for its strong flavors and relishing the balanced flavors Crispy Duck and Watermelon dish. Never forget to try out Myazu’s desserts and get lured by its artful presentation at one of the best restaurants in Saudi Arabia.

Enjoy Your Chic Dining Experience

Dining Experience
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Myazu’s interiors will transport you to the serene land of Japan where you can unwind in a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Embrace the concept of Japanese minimalism accompanied by the modern western flair and designed by one of the best Japanese designers in the world, Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Studio Glitt. The major highlight of the Myazu restaurant AlUla is the open kitchen where you can witness the intriguing culinary scenes and heated Japanese toilets that blows away everyone’s mind. With a chic interior adorned with dim lighting and dark wood, the golden tint and its features complement the decor, making it more elegant. It also has a separate bar section to create some alluring moments while sipping the colorful cocktails.

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Things to Do Near Myazu AlUla

Things to Do Near Myazu AlUla

Since Myazu AlUla Saudi Arabia attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year to undertake unique culinary experiences amid the enchanting landscapes, you can also plan to visit other significant historical and cultural landmarks nearby for an immersive expereince. Ranging from visiting the quaint town of AlUla to taking up incredible gastronomic voyages which can be added to the list of things to do in AlUla, you can carry out a plethora of activities in the AlUla for an exciting vacation. Let’s have a look at the top 4 things to do near Myazu AlUla are:

  1. AlUla City tour: You can take a leisurely walk in the quaint town of AlUla discovering the majestic ruins and taking photographs of the age-old mudbrick buildings which have an aesthetic feature.
  2. Desert tour: Since AlUla is best known for its desert landscapes and exquisite rock formations, never forget to take up guided desert tours, unveil their historic past and experience their culture.
  3. Hegra Wildlife tour: Explore the wilderness of Hegra through the exquisite lens of natural splendors, spot the exotic wildlife species, have close encounters and observe their behaviors.
  4. Explore the Tafoni Store: Never forget to grab some memorable souvenirs while visiting AlUla for your beloved ones from the exclusive boutique store, Tafoni and admire the local talents.
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Travel Tips Before Visiting Myazu AlUla

Travel Tips Before Visiting Myazu AlUla
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If you are planning to have a unique dining experience amid the glistening dunes of AlUla and the rocky mountains, Myazu AlUla should be your top priority and one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, follow the travel tips before visiting this restaurant for an enriching culinary journey.

  • Since the restaurant is in Shaden Resort, guests who are staying in the resort can directly dine in at Myazu
  • If you are not staying in Shaden Resort and just want to visit the restaurant, you need to reserve your seat beforehand
  • You can contact the restaurant team directly to book your table
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If you are highly spirited soul and would like to take up an incredible culinary escapade during your AlUla tour in Saudi Arabia, Myazu AlUla is the best choice to carry out this activity for an immersive experience. Dine out at the outdoor restaurant amid the fascinating ruins and majestic mountains of AlUla especially during night and create a multitude of soulful memories under the shimmery sky. Moreover, if you are a true fanatic of Japanese culture and want to dig into its flavorful oriental cuisine, this restaurant is a must visit, away from the strong fillings of Middle Eastern cuisine. Book your Saudi Arabia tour packages with us and plan for an exciting and fun filled trip to AlUla.

Myazu AlUla FAQ’s

Q1. What is Myazu AlUla?

Myazu AlUla is a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of AlUla city in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Myazu Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Shaden Resort that offers a plethora of Japanese cuisines.

Q2. What are the signature dishes to try at Myazu AlUla?

Myazu AlUla boasts of its exquisite dishes curated from the locally produced ingredients with high quality which has health benefits as well. The signature dishes to try at Myaza AlUla are:

  • Wagyu Tataki
  • Black Cod and Tiger Prawn Gyoza
  • Marinated Yellowtail Sashimi
  • Crispy Duck and Watermelon
  • Chef’s Nigri & Sashimi Platter
Q3. What are the opening hours of Myazu AlUla?

The opening hours of Myazu AlUla are 6 pm to 12 am from Saturday to Wednesday. Moreover, the opening hours for Thursday and Friday are from 6 pm to 1 am.

Q4. What is the ideal time to visit Myazu AlUla?

The ideal time to visit Myazu AlUla is during the evening and night hours. Since you can witness the captivating sights of the archeological ruins and the mountains surrounding the restaurant, it is recommended to visit the restaurant at night for a sumptuous dinner.

Q5. How will I reach Myazu AlUla?

After reaching the AlUla International airport, the best and most convenient way to reach Myazu AlUla is to book a cab from your hotel or any location which is 15 kilometers (about 9.32 mi) away from the main city of AlUla.

Q6. What are the top facilities in Myazu AlUla?

The top facilities in Myazu AlUla are the Japanese style heated toilets and the restaurant bar which is best known for its refreshing drink and vibrant cocktails.

Q7. What is the best time to visit AlUla?

Since AlUla is endowed with picturesque desert landscapes and natural splendors, it is always recommended to visit AlUla during the winter season. The best time to visit AlUla is from the months of October to April to enjoy a pleasant stay over there.

Q8. How many days are required for AlUla?

An ideal of 2-3 days are required for AlUla to cover the significant landmarks of the historic city like the AlUla Old town, Maraya Concert Hall, Hegra, Ashar Valley etc. You can extend your stay based on your preferences.