Riyadh has been a historically rich city for years and those who visit it can attest to that. However, one hidden gem that you might have missed out on during your trip is the Heet Cave Riyadh. This natural geological formation on the outskirts of Riyadh has several exciting stories up its sleeves that you must acquaint yourself with. This cave is approximately 390 m deep and includes a lake at the bottom of it. This famous tourist attraction is ideal for everyone, including families. There’s a lot more to know about this cave, so let’s delve into that.

Heet Cave Riyadh: A Sight to Behold

Heet Cave Riyadh

Heet Cave, also known as Ain Heet, is a must-visit tourist attraction in Riyadh. Ain refers to “eye” and the reason it’s called Ain Heet is because when you go down the cave and look up to its entrance, it resembles the shape of an eye. The name of this cave, on the face of Mount Al Jubayl in Wadi As Sulay, is based on the Heet village where it’s located.

One of the highlights of this cave is its underground lake and limestone rocks. The landscape of this cave allows adventurers to indulge in several thrilling activities and the natural water here was once used by the village.

Here is some basic information about this cave.

Heet Cave Riyadh location: Hyt, Riyadh 14369, Saudi Arabia

Timings: Open 24 hours

How to reach: You can reach the Heet Cave by traveling via car towards Al Kharj. Since Heet Cave is around 55 km away from Riyadh, it’ll take you around an hour to reach there.

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Things to Do at Heet Cave in Riyadh

Things to Do at Heet Cave in Riyadh
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When it comes to things to do in Riyadh, you’ll find plenty of options here in the Riyadh Heet Cave. So, let’s see how you can make your time here a memorable one.

  • Camping: Spend Time Under the Starry Sky

Camping around the Heet Cave is one of the most amazing activities you can indulge in because of the gorgeous landscape and starry night. Consider spending a night or two by the cave with your loved ones amidst the desert.

  • Swimming: Dive into the Crystal-Clear Water

Since this Heet Cave Riyadh houses a lake of pure groundwater, it makes for an excellent swimming pool. So, laze around the relaxing water, rich in minerals and beat the heat. Also, if you have the proper equipment, then you can even dive into the water.

  • Hiking: Climb Down the Cave

Exploring the underground lake would require you to hike down a steep descent of around 300 to 500 m, so wear comfortable shoes. It’ll allow you to admire this geological landmark and its intricacies.

Attractions near Heet Cave Riyadh

Attractions near Heet Cave

After you’re done exploring the Ain Heet Cave, you can explore the following places to visit in Riyadh that are near this attraction.

  • Lake Park
  • Al Haeer Park Khamsa Khamsa
  • Al Yamama Pools and Resorts
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  • Kingdom Center
  • Al Faisaliah Tower
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Restaurants near Heet Cave Saudi Arabia

Restaurants near Heet Cave

Food is an essential part of any vacation, and this country’s food is absolutely mouthwatering. Therefore, here are a few restaurants in Riyadh that you can check out on your way to this cave or while returning.

  • Family Garden Restaurants
  • Bukhari Restaurant
  • Desi Dhaba Restaurant

Travel Tips for Visiting Heet Cave

Travel Tips for Visiting Heet Cave

There are a few tips you must keep in mind when visiting the Heet Cave Riyadh.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Apply sunscreen frequently
  • Be careful when swimming in the lake
  • Carry an extra set of clothes
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Heet Cave Riyadh is a gorgeous attraction in the city, which is unknown to a lot of people but the ones who do visit it are enamored by its beauty and magnificence. The imposing limestone rocks and shimmering blue water at the base of the cave is what attracts tourists to it. From fun adventure activities to a serene night in the vast expanse of desert, there’s a lot to look forward to in this place. Therefore, our Riyadh tour packages take you on a journey to this hidden gem, which would enhance your overall vacation.

Heet Cave Riyadh FAQs

Q1. What is the history of Heet cave?

This Heet Cave has been in existence since the reign of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud. In 1938, he invited some geologists to survey the cave and that’s when they found the first anhydrite rocks in Saudi Arabia.

Q2. What is Heet Cave Riyadh timings?

Heet Cave in Riyadh is open 24 hours, and you can visit it anytime of the day; however, visiting it during daylight is when you can actually appreciate its beauty.

Q3. What are the Heet Cave Riyadh directions?

Heet Cave Riyadh is near Heet Village in Riyadh and is on the surface of Mount Al Jubayl in Wadi As Sulay. You can travel towards Al Kharj via car and reach there in an hour approximately.

Q4. What are the things to do in Heet Cave, Riyadh?

Some of the best things to do in Heet Cave are camping, hiking, swimming, and much more. These are some of the best activities to do around this place.

Q5. What is the best time to visit Riyadh?

November to March is the best time to visit Riyadh as the weather’s pleasant and allows you to explore the attractions here. You can even indulge in adventure activities during this time.

Q6. How many days are enough for Riyadh?

3 to 4 days are enough to spend in Riyadh as it’s the capital city of Saudi Arabia and houses some of the most famous tourist places that you must visit.