With a blend of tradition and modernity, the cafe culture in Cairo features the establishments that honor age-old coffee rituals alongside those embrace contemporary trends in coffee culture. Whether you are strolling through the historic neighborhoods or exploring the modern districts of Cairo, you are bound to encounter an array of inviting cafes offering a variety of coffee blends, delicious pastries, and a welcoming atmosphere. Cafes in Cairo offer a myriad of options for locals and visitors to indulge in their love for coffee and socializing. After the setting sun, many cafes transform into lively spaces where live music and cultural events take place, adding to the city’s energetic nightlife.

Top 10 Cafes in Cairo: Let’s Get into a Bit of Egyptian-ness

Top 10 Cafes in Cairo

Cairo, the vibrant city of Egypt is renowned for its rich history, architectural masterpieces, and bustling streets. It's also a haven for coffee lovers boasting a diverse and thriving cafe culture that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Cafes in Cairo are more than just places to grab a cup of coffee and munchies, they are places where people gather to engage in lively conversations, catch up with friends, or simply unwind and immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant ambience. You can find varied cafes ranging from quaint, hole-in-the-wall establishments to chic, upscale coffee houses, each with its own unique charm and character.

Let’s have a glance at the top 10 cafes in Cairo for a significant cultural tour.

  1. Twenty Grams
  2. Cake Cafe
  3. El Fishawy Cafe
  4. Antique Khana
  5. Sweet Boutique
  6. Cafe Corniche
  7. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe
  8. Vinni Cafe & Deli
  9. Zack’s Bakery Cafe
  10. Garden Promenade Cafe

1. Twenty Grams: Redefining the Coffee Design

Twenty Grams
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Starting in 2017, Twenty Grams Cafe entered a venture for redefining the concept of coffee & its tastes and one of the best coffee shops in Cairo. Ranging from the origin of coffee to the modern brewing techniques of presenting this simple beverage in a heartwarming way for the consumers, it is appealing in various aspects. You can try out their black Coffee, Latte’s, and Mojito created out of love and innovation at their best. Never forget to try out the Amber Latte and Coconut Latte which are signature coffee varieties curated in the best possible way. Moreover, the refreshing drinks like Pineapple Mojito, Berries Mojito, and Passion & Peach Mojito’s are a must try for a soulful summer delight.

Address: Garden 8, 1st settlement - New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Opening Hours: 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Amber Latte, Coconut Latte, Passion & Peach Mojito

2. Cake Cafe: Fight Your Sugar Cravings

Cake Cafe
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Best known for sweet treats, the Cake Cafe offers numerous pastries, cakes, and dessert options to cater to your tastes and preferences. What fascinates the visitors is the cafe’s specialty in delivering personalized services and the compact yet delectable menu. You can try out a small variety of sandwiches, fresh juices, and hot drinks which is more than continuous discovery to savor. Moreover, the cafe houses a very efficient team to pay attention to minute details of the customers for outstanding artful presentation. One of the best breakfast places in Cairo to start your day with for a having a healthy diet and act as a feast for the eyes. You won’t regret it a little for the sumptuous vegan dishes served at the best cafe in Zamalek.

Address: 14 El Gezira Street Zamalek, Cairo Egypt

Opening Hours: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Must Try Dishes: Eggplant Sandwich, Hummus Wrap, Chocolate Cake, Apple Date Cake

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3. El Fishawy Cafe: Adore the Historic Masterpiece

El Fishawy Cafe
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El Fishawy Cafe is a historic cafe and one of the best restaurants in Cairo that started in 1797 when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt that still holds the early vigor. Located in the bustling Khan El Khalili market of Cairo, it is still known for retaining the classic ambience that transports visitors back in time and for the authentic Egyptian experience with features classic decor, including ornate lanterns, arabesque furniture meshes with dark mashrabiya paneling and yellow ochre walls, colorful textiles, old copper chandeliers creating a cozy and a soulful aura. Moreover, it's a 24/7 social space to unwind with your closed ones with a sip of sweet mint tea for refreshment and never forget to try out sheesha available in different fruit flavors.

Address: 27X6+5XQ, Haret Khan Al Khalili, El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331302, Egypt

Opening Hours: 12.30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Egyptian tea Kehva, Mint Lemonade, Turkish Coffee, Fried Stuffed Pigeon

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4. Antique Khana: Live Through the Egyptian Grandeur

Antique Khana
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Best known for its tranquil and cozy vibes, Antique Khana is one of the best cafes in Cairo Egypt that boasts of antique-looking interiors featuring wooden panels and furniture, marble tables, patterned ceilings, table lamps, and shelves full of books from politics to literary fiction. With a multiple selection of snacks and meals along with beverages like fruit juices, green tea, Turkish coffee, lattes, mojitos, the Antique Khana has a lot more to offer. Never miss out on a chance to try out desserts, crêpes, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and brownies and soak yourself in the grand ambience where the soothing music adds to delight. You can purchase some souvenirs and antiques to bring in some Egyptian memories.

Address: 366C+CXC, Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271034, Egypt

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Chicken Caesar Salad, Thai Noodles, Fish Croquette, Shakshuka, Halloumi Cheese, Burger

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5. Sweet Boutique: A Sweet Relish

Sweet Boutique
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Located in Nile Ritz Cartlon Hotel in Cairo, Sweet Boutique is a popular cafe that deals with creative ideas in designing artful delicious traditional desserts and premium chocolates. Best known for fluffed luxurious macarons, French pastries, and artful ice creams brimmed with sugary fills to your delight, the bakery is a worth visit when you are in the town. The Sweet Boutique holds a significant place in every Cairenes for the wonderful Chicken Caesar Salad, Ritz Cartlon Cake, and Ice Cream Heegen Dazs. Sweet Boutique’s artistic sense is reflected in every tit and bit of services beautifully handcrafted with love for the guests to make their visit to the cafe worthy and one of the best places to visit in Cairo. You can also devour pizzas, sandwiches, smoothies, hot chocolate, and coffee varieties.

Address: Narges, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

Opening Hours: 7.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m.

Must Try Dishes: Baklava, Fruit Salads, Maamoul, Macarons, Basbusa, French Pastries, Haagen-Dazs Ice creams

6. Cafe Corniche: An Oasis For Refueling Yourself

Cafe Corniche
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Tucked within the InterContinental Hotel in Cairo, Cafe Corniche is a top-class cafe with its irreplaceable grandeur and excellent hospitality service. Best known for the simple, yet elegant decor, that features marble-topped tables, wooden pillars and beams on the ceiling, and hanging lights, the cafe is a must visit spot to grab some instant savory bites and sweet treats. Moreover, Cafe Corniche is the most visited cafe in Cairo for its 24/7 hours of incredible service to win the hearts of many. Never forget to try out their alluring dessert selection like cheesecakes, fruit salads, cookies, fruit tarts and chocolate croissants for a hearty celebration with your closed ones at the best café in Cairo.

Address: Corniche El Nil, Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, Egypt

Opening Hours: 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Cheesecakes, Fruit Salads, Cookies, Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Croissants, Smoked Salmon, Penne Arrabiata, Fatayer Spinach, Lentil Soup

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7. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe: A Walk Towards Unfolding Mystery

Naguib Mahfouz Cafe
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Located in the heart of Khan el Kahlili, the hidden gem of Old Cairo, the Naguib Mahfouz Cafe in Cairo takes you back to the days of ancient Egypt through arabesque surroundings. Started in 1989, it is named after the country’s most famous Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz and is well-known for its top-notch hospitality service and it should be added to the list of top things to do in Cairo. The cafe takes pride in the breathtaking interior that features wooden panels on the walls and ceiling, an arched roof with colorful designs, mirrors and intricately designed furniture. You should treat yourself with the authentic Egyptian delicacies or you can just try out Turkish coffee, espresso, latte, flavored tea or apple cider with delectable dessert options like milk pudding, fruit salad or feteer meshaltel.

Address: 5 ش Sekat Al Badstan, خان الخليلى، El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331310, Egypt

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Egyptian Hawawshi, Spiced Baladi Sausage Sandwiches, Arabic Coffee, Lemon & Mint Cooler, Espresso based drinks, Egyptian Chamomile Tea

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8. Vinni Cafe & Deli: Your Ideal Breakfast Stop

Vinni Cafe & Deli
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Vinni Cafe & Deli is a must-visit cafe in Cairo for innumerable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for a memorable dining experience. With classic and simple interiors, the cafe features wooden tables, leather couches, tiled walls adorned with paintings and sketches. Highly boasts of the tiny menu with Egyptian and Italian delicacies curated with fine ingredients, you can enjoy the cheesy affair with an array of pizza and pasta options to satiate your tastebuds. The cafe is also best known for its services redefined professionally and passionately to set a standard of its own and stand out in the crowd. Don’t forget to try out shisha once at the most romantic cafe in Cairo.

Address: 22 Hendawi, Ad Doqi A, Dokki, Giza Governorate 3753420, Egypt

Opening Hours: 9.30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Must Try Dishes: Fajita, Shisha, Cheese Toasties, Vinni’s Breakfast Platter, Tuna Salad, Mexican Pasta, Chicken Fingers, Margherita Pizza, Chicken Fatija

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9. Zack’s Bakery Cafe: Feel Home in Every Bite

Zack’s Bakery Cafe
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Zack’s Bakery Cafe is the best coffee shop in Cairo for breakfast or brunch that features scrumptious homemade meals, baked savory and sweets. With a casual and relaxed atmosphere featured with couches, wooden tables, and racks stuffed with books, the cafe has a lot of options to savor like gingerbread lattes, peach iced teas, cold brews, fruit juices, milkshakes etc. Never miss out on a chance to try out the dessert options like carrot cakes, brownies, vanilla pound cakes, lemon drizzle loaf cakes which are the popular ones. Zack’s Bakery Cafe should be your next stop to give a pause to your Cairo tour and unwind with some hot coffee sips and flavorful delights.

Address: 1 Al Rehab Mall Basement Floor, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Must Try Dishes: Blueberry Cheesecake, Hot Spanish Latte, Turkey & Cheese Bagel, Tuna Pasta, Tropical Passion Smoothie, Pistachio Croissant, Crinkle Fries, Cheddar Croissant, Maple Syrup Pancakes, Salmon Deluxe Sandwich, Strawberry Vanilla Croissants

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10. Garden Promenade Cafe: Dine Amid an Ideal Green Retreat

Garden Promenade Cafe

Tucked within the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, the Garden Promenade Cafe is a popular one for the relaxing dining experience in the outdoors. It takes pride in the incredible interiors with golden pillars, massive green doors, chandeliers and wooden tables that make itself a treat for your eyes. The outdoor seating area overlooks the beautiful surroundings with the well-maintained green lawns where you can enjoy the nightlife in Cairo. Best known for the lush greenery and calm aura, the cafe has an extensive drinks' menu that includes cappuccinos, cafe lattes, tea, aquatic oasis, wine and beer. Try out their sumptuous desserts like cheesecake, tiramisu, ice cream, pastries etc., to relish a sweet affair.

Address: 16 Saray, Al Gazira, 11211, Egypt

Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

Must Try Dishes: Egyptian Falafel, Lamb Kofta, Margherita Pizzas, Caesar Salad, Seafood Penne Pasta

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Whether you are a caffeine connoisseur, culture enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates a cozy cafe atmosphere, Cairo’s diverse cafe scene is sure to captivate you with the blending of traditions, innovations, and vibrant social experiences. Even though you find yourself in the heart of the city, never miss out on a chance to savor a cup of coffee and soak in the rich cafe culture that cafes in Cairo has to offer. Nevertheless, don’t ever leave a chance explore the cafes of Cairo for a remarkable Egyptian experience. Book Cairo tour packages right way with us at cheap deals.

Best Cafes in Cairo FAQ’s

Q1. What are the top 5 cafes in Cairo?

Cairo is best known for the exquisite cafe culture that has turned the coffeehouses into go-to places for the chic visitors to spend some quality time with their closed ones along with exotic food. The top 5 cafes in Cairo are:

  • El Fishawy Cafe
  • Cake Cafe
  • Cafe Corniche
  • Antique Cafe
  • Felfela
Q2. What are the top 5 restaurants in Cairo?

Cairo has a diverse culinary landscape that showcases numerous dining setups ranging from global cuisines like Egyptian, Italian, French, Indian, Lebanese, and many more. The top 5 restaurants in Cairo are:

  • Koshary Abou Tarek
  • Maison Thomas
  • Fasahet Somaya
  • Birdcage
  • Naguib Mahfouz Restaurant & Cafe
Q3. What are the top 5 Egyptian restaurants in Cairo?

Cairy has some of the best restaurants that serve authentic Egyptian cuisine known for its vibrant taste in every bite. Starting from the grilled meat and brimmed shawarma to the tastiest Feteer Meshaltet, you can get a wholesome Egyptian experience to savor. The top 5 Egyptian restaurants in Cairo are:

  • Bebo
  • Sobhy Kaber
  • Tajoury Oriental Restaurant
  • Andrea El Mariouteya New Giza
  • Oldish
Q4. What are the top 5 Indian restaurants in Cairo?

Cairo also has a knack for Indian eateries to devour exotic and flavorful Indian cuisine to satiate your soul. The rich Indian cuisine has set a benchmark in the global gastronomic market for its vibrancy. The top 5 Indian restaurants in Cairo are:

  • Bahar Indian Restaurant
  • India Along the Nile
  • Indian Gate Restaurant
  • Indira Restaurant
  • Raoucha & Kandahar
Q5. What are the top 5 Egyptian dishes to try in Cairo?

Cairo is known for the best Egyptian dishes to try out that can provide a very wholesome and authentic experience to the visitors. The usage of exotic spices, herbs, and veggies add a unique taste and flavors to each of the dishes. The top 5 Egyptian dishes to try in Cairo are:

  • Ful Wa Ta’ameya (Egyptian Falafel)
  • Ful Medames
  • Koshari
  • Hamam Mashi (Stuffed Squab)
  • Fiteer Baladi (Egyptian Pizza)
Q6. What is the typical breakfast in Cairo?

Taameya or Falafel (traditional Egyptian breakfast) is the typical breakfast platter in Cairo that comes with eggs, cheese, and pita bread. Taameya is usually served with Egyptian bread which is stuffed with tahini sauce, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes.

Q7. What are the famous Egyptian dessert options in Cairo?

Cairo has a plethora of dessert options to be devoured over coffee which are more popular during Ramadan months. The famous Egyptian dessert options in Cairo are:

  • Umm Ali
  • Qatayef
  • Kahk
  • Basbousa & Harisa
  • Kanafeh
Q8. What are the varieties of coffee found in Cairo?

Cairo has plenty of cafes to relish a cup of coffee based on one’s preferences and choices. The varieties of coffee found in Cairo are:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha