Qatar is a peninsula enclosed within the majestic coastline of the Arabian sea or the Persian Gulf. The beauty of Qatar doesn’t lie only in the desert, but these shores have added a magical touch to the serenity. While the desert adventures and cultural tours have always been in the limelight, boat rides in Qatar offer surprising fun to the tourist. The vast blue waters below the clear blue sky not only enthralled the viewers but brought some breathtaking adventures and rejuvenating leisure to experience. Keeping your comfort and pleasure in mind, we have listed some best boat rides for you to explore the charisma of beaches and islands that make Qatar a mystical Paradise.

Boat Rides For An Exceptional Experience in Qatar

Boat Rides For An Exceptional Experience in Qatar

Imagine sailing along the calm waves while witnessing the dramatic skyline and the vivacious beauty of the city! Well, now you can make your dream of luxury and thrilling boat rides come true in Qatar. This Arabian country, with its dazzling shoreline and some beautifully made islands, has added so much to the list of water adventures in Qatar and other beach leisure. You can plan a romantic holiday or a family vacation to experience this hidden charm of Qatar and its coastlines with the best boat rides trips.

Here are some of the best boat activities you can enjoy while discovering every adventure and leisure at this vacation destination.

1. The Luxury Dhow Cruise

The Luxury Dhow Cruise
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A traditional boat in Qatar, Dhow Cruise is the best boating experience you can enjoy in the country. Dhow has been a part of Qatar’s history and culture for a very long time. In the past, these wooden sailing boats were used by the merchants for importing and exporting materials around the gulf, but today, they have become an attraction for tourists.

The wooden Dhow boat can be spotted in some major spots like the Doha Corniche and the Pearl Qatar, Al Khor, and Al Wakra. Promising tourism and a luxury experience to the tourists, there are several tours organized by the agencies in Qatar. From full-day tours to half-day sailing and special sunset, Doha Corniche boat rides are popular among people coming from different countries. To make it more luxurious and royal, the boats are beautifully decorated with lights, and proper food and drinks arrangements are being made to make it a memorable ride. Enjoy the barbecue with music and other facilities that are included with the cruise. Witnessing the sunset from the blue waters of the sea is surely an experience you must not miss.

2. Sailing In Qatar

Sailing In Qatar

If you are looking for a boat ride in Pearl Qatar or any other tranquil Doha attraction, sailing is the best activity to experience. Sailboats are quite similar to Dhow but are different in many ways. Talking about history, Dhow was used by merchants but the sailboats were used by the fishermen. The history of sailboats dates back to the time when Qatar was a fishing and pearl hub. Today these sailboats are offering the best adventure to the tourists in the country.

Sailing is now a hobby for expats, and there are many private beaches and islands in Qatar where these colorful sailing boats can be easily spotted. You can easily rent a sailboat at the marina club and head off to conquer the waves.

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3. Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride

Fun and adventure can never be missed out in Qatar and when it comes to the boat ride, banana boat rides are the best water adventures in Qatar to try. This might not be a luxury Experience but banana boat rides have a different charm among tourists. This activity is loved by many, irrespective of the age group.

From Katara beach to the banana island and other adventure points, you will find these yellow banana-shaped boats in every corner. No matter if you are an expert or someone looking for a thrill, this boat ride in Qatar is perfect for all. There are banana boats with safety gear like life jackets available around the beaches. All you need to do is plan a beach day and head off to enjoy the utmost fun and thrill.

4. Qatar Yacht Cruise

Qatar Yacht Cruise

An Exceptional luxury Experience of Pearl Qatar boat ride, the luxury of Qatari hospitality, and the magnificent beauty of Doha Corniche, all come with the Qatar Yacht cruise. This can be defined as luxury boat rides where you will find the most luxuriating amenities, a service of a five-star hotel, and an experience that is beyond expression.

You can get a private Yacht or choose to book a charter tour with fellow travelers who will accompany you in discovering the hidden wonders of Qatar. The tour will take you to the west bay from the Al Safliya island, offering you the best memory of your life. There will be snacks on-board and every other luxury you need to make it a memorable event of life.

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Best Place for Boat Rides In Qatar

Beaches and islands in Qatar are major attractions that have lured travelers to discover the peace and beauty of the sea and the desert. These coastal areas are not only meant for adventure and fun, but they offer the most memorable experience of boat rides and cruises. If you have a sailing and cruising tour on your bucket list, here are the top places you can visit.

1. Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche

The 7 km long promenade along the Doha Bay, Doha Corniche is an attraction with its magnificent vista and green beauty. Dhow cruises are very common at the Corniche as there are multiple tours operated every day for tourists to explore the city. Overlooking the charismatic beauty of MIA and the Doha skyline, the Corniche is a leisure hub for all. You will find restaurants and hotels located at an accessible distance.

Often crowded with people and locals living there, the Corniche is a center for all events and happenings. The lively vista of the region makes it an ideal spot to witness the dusk and the dawn. If not Cruising, you will find endless entertainment there to enjoy the time.

2. The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl Qatar

It is the beauty of the Pearl and its luxury that has made it the best attraction to explore. Being a hub for tourists, many sailing companies organize the best Pearl Qatar boat ride to make their holiday more lavish and memorable.

Pearl Qatar is an artificial island where you will find an array of entertainment. Be it shopping or dining, or leisure at any luxury hotel, no other place can be as perfect as Pearl Qatar. There are hotels with private beaches to offer you the best beach adventure. The beach clubs and resorts at Pearl also organize adventure and boat rides in Qatar for travelers to offer them the best vacation. Witnessing the charisma of this beaming island with a boat ride is a once-in-a-life experience.

3. Banana Island

Banana Island

A luxury island in Qatar, Banana Island is the best place to seek leisure and enjoy the adventure of a banana ride and other speed boats. The Banana Island, Qatar, is located 25 km from the Doha center and attracts a huge crowd for some beach fun and leisure. Tourists often head off to the island or a luxury staycation as the rest offers a wide range of activities along with the banana boat ride in Qatar. Spend the best time with your family and experience adventure.

4. Al Safliya Island

Al Safliya Island
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The Al Safliya Island in Qatar is an ideal location for relaxing, sunbathing, and trying new adventures away from the rush and bustle of the city. Although the island is isolated, there are a number of adventures and activities that one can try. From Jet skiing to banana boat rides and cruises, the island is a perfect place to experience diverse adventures and fun. One can spot the dhow boats lined along the shores, offering a tour of the corniche and other nearby beaches in Qatar. If enjoying nature is something you value, this is the ideal spot in the country to spend some time with friends or family.

5. Katara Beach

Katara Beach

Katara Village is a center for admiring the art and culture of Qatar and its magical Katara beach is a perfect adventure spot for the best Qatar boat rides.

Katara Beach has it all, from the serenity of the sand and the sun to a variety of water sports. Furthermore, banana boating is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed at a low cost here. Katara beach has a myriad of activities and entertainment options, therefore one can add a lot to a fun day with water adventure and boat rides. From Jet skiing to water rides and more, Beach is another perfect spot for boating and sailing.

Book flights to Qatar today and discover the magnificent beauty of dusk and dawn. Boat rides in Qatar can be the fun you are looking for in an exceptional holiday. The deep blue waters of the Gulf and beaches in the country overlooking the charismatic skyline appear magical, especially while sailing in the calm waves. There are many boat rides for half-day and full-day tours, adventure rides and more, to admire the serene beauty of Doha. Add more to your bucket list with other water adventures like Kayaking to make your holiday in Qatar a thrilling affair.


Q1. What are the best boat rides to enjoy in Qatar?

Boat rides are quite popular in Qatar, especially when it comes to admiring the sunset in a luxuriating ambiance. The best boat rides to enjoy are:

  • Dhow boat cruise
  • Sailing tours
  • Banana Boat rides
  • Qatar Yacht tours
Q2. Are there any islands in Qatar?

Qatar is a peninsula perched between the Arabian Gulf housing some beautiful natural and manmade islands. The best islands in the country are:

  • Al Safliya Island
  • The Pearl Qatar
  • Banana Island
  • Inland sea
Q3. What are the best water adventures to try In Qatar?

Water adventure can be the best fun activity to try in Qatar. For the best thrilling experience, you can try the following:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Banana Boat ride
  • Parasailing
  • Kiteboarding
  • Kayaking
Q4. What is a Dhow Boat?

Dhow is a wooden traditional boat that was used by merchants in the Arabian countries. The triangular-shaped boats are now modified as luxury boat rides to offer the perfect sunset tours.

Q5. Which are the best places in Qatar to enjoy boat rides?

There are beaches and islands in Qatar where you can spot boats and crises operating regularly. The best places to enjoy boat rides are:

  • Doha Corniche
  • The Pearl Qatar
  • Katara Beach
  • Al Safliya Island
  • Banana Island
Q6. What is the best time to visit Qatar?

You can plan a holiday in Qatar during the winter as the summers here can be hot. Being an Arabian nation in Asia, the mercury level in summers can rise beyond limits. So, the months between November till April are best for the holiday.

Q7. What are the best adventures to try at Katara beach?

Katara beach is an adventure and leisure hub where you can enjoy the best water activities like:

  • Parasailing
  • Knee Boarding
  • Water Skiing
Q8. What are the best boat tours in Doha?

Doha Corniche Boat tours, Doha yacht tours, Doha sunset cruise, and Katara banana boat rides are best for experiencing boat rides in Doha.